Investigate during the holidays?

We just made it through Thanksgiving and now Christmas is coming quickly. New Years' Eve, the company party and other big parties are happening. This is fertile ground to check whether you are being cheated on.

  • Is there a trip your spouse is going on soon?
  • Are you "not allowed" at the Christmas party?
  • Is your spouse going out without you more during the holiday season?
  • Is he or she seeing their girlfriend or boyfriend more or are they looking to hook-up with someone new?

Have you asked yourself "Is my wife cheating on me?" Have you asked "Is my husband cheating on me?" Most of us find excuses not to check, not to learn the truth, missing very good opportunities to find out whether our spouse is cheating.

If you want to read on, please follow me with this for a few minutes. If you already know you need to hire a top private investigator, call me send me an email.

We usually know something is going on but we are too afraid to learn the truth. We mistakenly tell ourselves "it can wait, now is not the time." What are you afraid of? You need to know what is really going on and you need someone to get you proof. Your relationship may be saved or you can make your own plans. If you can't stand to know the truth about your own relationship, you have other issues that need to be looked into.

If you have noticed the signs of a cheating spouse, seize the moment, do something, hire a private investigator. You don't have to let your spouse know what you know. Knowledge is power and you need to know what you are faced with before you are completely caught off guard. A good private investigator can really help you. You will be surprised at what a good private investigator can accomplish for you.

How to Catch a Cheater

Sounds terrible doesn't it? Many of us have good reason for concern and need to hire a private invesigator to conduct an investigation, surveillance, during the holiday season, to catch a cheater. You can learn how to catch a cheater on your own and learn to notice the most common tell-tale signs of a cheating husband or a cheating wife.

Catch a Cheating Spouse

The cases we, as private investigators, are hired to work on involve divorce, custody issues and the need to catch a cheating spouse. Many of us don't stop there though. There is often the need to identify the other person involved in the extra marital affair. Sometimes this becomes very important and can explain a lot of things to you. You might also benefit greatly from other investigative services the best private investigator can provide for you. The two most important areas affected are monetary and child custody.

The holiday season is the time of year for family and therefore the time for family law situations of all types. You may need to check into someone, without their knowing, using our investigative services, or cut to the chase, and have them followed, using a good surveillance investigator to have someone's activities monitored and confirm their activities during Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years' celebrations.

Signs of a cheating spouse

We can tell you the signs, give you behaviors to watch for that are common with a cheating wife or a cheating husband, and point you in the right direction so you aren't wasting your time or creating a different problem in your situation. You can do things the right way with a little help from a good private investigator.

Most of our clients are people in similar situations. They already have a lot to base their concerns on. Some have caught their wife cheating or have found out in the past that their husband was cheating through various circumstances.

Ask yourself; if you were not the one involved in a cheating spouse situation, if you were able to look at the questionable occasions objectively from outside the circle, what would be different?

For instance, if a friend or family member of yours was the person involved in an extra marital affair, or has a cheating spouse;

  • How would you view their situation?
  • What would appear obvious to you then?
  • Would you think enough is enough?
  • Would you know the right thing to do?
  • What advice would you give to your friend or loved one?
  • Sometimes the truth is in front of us but we don't see it.
  • Would you see the value of hiring a professional private investigator?

You should try to step back and look at your own situation more objectively, without your emotions and fears but with your common sense and sense of what is right and what is wrong. What is right for you? What is right for your marriage?

See whether any of these statements sound familiar, or whether you have asked yourself any of these questions;

  • "Spouses are not allowed at the company Christmas party."
  • "Stay out of my things; it's none of your business."
  • "We are just friends, nothing is going on."
  • "Everyone else has slept with him, why would I want too?"
  • "She's my assistant, we need to travel together."
  • "It is a platonic relationship, there's no physical attraction."
  • "I'm working late a lot more now."
  • "I go to the gym early in the mornings now."
  • "I go to the gym until late at night now. Nothing is going on."
  • Have you found text messages you should not have seen?
  • Does your spouse leave the room for phone calls?
  • Does your spouse guard their cell phone?
  • Have you received hang up calls?
  • Has a woman called to tell you they are dating your husband?
  • Have you discovered condoms in your spouse's luggage, car or office?
  • Is your spouse hanging around with their divorced or single friends?
  • Does the house appear to have been used when you were not home?
  • Have you found someone else's garments in the car?
  • Does your spouse smell like cologne or perfume when they get home?
  • Does your spouse avoid you when they get home?
  • Have you seen inappropriate emails? Have you checked the trash bin?
  • Does your spouse keep you in the dark about their travel itinerary?
  • Does your spouse remain unavailable too often?
  • Is your cheating spouse a control freak?
  • Have you contracted an STD? Are you getting infections?

The questions can go on for a long time. You may not realize the potential to get the answers and help you need from the best local private investigators. Hiring an experienced private investigator may be the smartest thing you can do.

  • Before anything else, you can have a free and confidential conversation with a licensed private investigator.
  • You will be able to get answers and a quote for hiring a good private investigator.
  • You will know what private investigators can do and what results you can expect.

After we catch a cheating spouse, we often make a referral to a very competent family law attorney, or two, for you to meet with and potentially retain the services of. We regularly find out who the other person who is cheating is and whether he or she is married. We can find out information, that to some, is extremely important.


  • Not all of these situations end in divorce.
  • Many marriages can be saved when you both care enough to try.
  • Most cheaters will not show the sympathy or compassion you hope for.
  • Many cheaters have done it before and will continue to cheat on you.
  • Many victims of infidelity continue to be victims and don't make healthy decisions.
  • Most people don't know the ins-and-outs of divorce and a logical way to proceed.
  • Clients who have been divorced before may not know what to do or who to talk to.
  • They may not realize what they should and can do to have the divorce process go as smoothly as possible, without rolling over and giving in to all of the cheater's demands and misdirection.
  • You should not threaten or tell your spouse what you will do. Bad idea.
  • You should not share the same attorney or paralegal with your spouse. Bad idea.
  • You should first consult with a private investigator who understands divorce.
  • You should consult with an attorney who specializes in divorce.
  • You should never leave messages that will create trouble for you.
  • You should never act out and show violence.
  • Divorce court will make decisions based on the information provided to them. A good private investigator is a valuable asset.

Maybe the smartest move for you right now, if you believe your spouse is cheating, is to consult, for free and in private, with the right private investigator. You don't need to spend money or make a big decision, just discuss what's going on and get good information and direction. The answers might be very clear after we talk.

Contact us today for your private, free and no obligation consultation. We are here to help.

Remember to always check on the license status of any professional you are considering. For private eyes, you will need their license number or name to conduct a search on them with the state of California. Our California private investigator's license number is P.I. 15568. The link below is very helpful as it takes you to the state's website.

Mike Garroutte has been a private investigator for over thirty years. He is licensed in California and serves clients anywhere. Learn What Linked Investigations can do for you. 877-464-5374.

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November 1, 2012
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