Investigate employee theft at any level

It comes in many forms and can ruin a company if gone unchecked. At Linked Investigations we find it interesting that the perpetrators of crime within companies are able to get away with their misdeeds, un-checked for so long, so often.

Often times staff members don't want to report suspicious activity because they feel no-one will listen to them and there may even be retaliation.

Time theft, injury claim fraud, inventory theft and conflict of interest matters are among the most common we see. It occurs at every level, bottom to top and the repercussions can be staggering.

Many employees become disenchanted because they feel they deserve more money and more praise. So they steal and under-perform, costing the company in many ways. It's not only the direct effect caused by these people but the peripheral effect also. Other employees see these people getting away with time theft, and worse, and they themselves lose respect and initiative.

Employee Fraud

When employees start to use the insurance plan to obtain unnecessary medical procedures or turn in false or exaggerated injury claims for time off and free money, other employees can easily be convinced this is an easy path to follow. Employee fraud should be dealt with swiftly and properly. We have the experience and get results.

Drivers and delivery people are often times working with warehouse staff and sales representatives in schemes to remove inventory from the company and take away business for their own startup companies. Sometimes they just sell your products out of the house, at the swap meet or on-line. We set up thieves and have them arrested by law enforcement.

Sometimes it is simple and these employees are stealing small amounts of product to use or re-sell to cash and carry markets. Left un-checked these scenarios can lead to several problems for your company. Our interview and interrogation process ferrets out the bad guys so they can be dealt with accordingly.

Many times in-house security departments fall short of getting the results as quickly and efficiently as experienced private investigators can. You should be diligent when considering an investigative firm for your needs as there are several who can talk the talk but can't walk the walk. Many who have some track record, now simply subcontract to other private eyes and charge very high rates.

Good training and longtime experience in uncovering improper behavior of Sales staff, Management, small businesses and distribution company employees is a valuable part of our service model.

Stop Employee Theft

The surveillance services we offer along with our expert computer based searches to uncover non-disclosed businesses or relationships are un-matched.

Keep in mind the value of a really good private detective agency or private investigation company when it comes to bogus injury claims, double dipping when on disability, inventory loss or failure to supply honest answers on an employment application.

Is another distribution company infringing into your distribution area? We can help.

For threat assessment, security risk analysis, key man protection and surveillance, a good, local private investigator is valuable.

We conduct employee interviews to uncover and expose bad employee practices. We regularly obtain signed declarations from the subjects of our interview and interrogation process that will limit your liability and give solid cause for termination of employment.

You can stop the problems and improve morale without paying too much. Start by calling on our talented group of private investigators.

Mike Garroutte is a California State licensed private investigator and the owner of Linked Investigations in Costa Mesa, California.

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October 1, 2012
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