Is my wife having an affair? Catch a cheating spouse.

Do you think your wife is having an affair? If so, what are you waiting for?

If you don't want to get caught checking and don't want the exposure, the embarrassment and humiliation to continue, take control with proof, not suspicion.

The best private investigators can find out if she is having an affair and how far it has gone.

It is really not all that complicated. If you suspect your wife is having an affair, contact us and discuss the circumstances. Hire us; we're a top private investigative company in Orange County. We will find out what's going on and provide you with the detailed information you need.

No one will know you've had them checked on. You can get the most important information and make the most informed decisions with the proof we will get for you. Information truly is power.

Can you afford to just stand on the side lines while someone else may be making plans to leave you high and dry? Remember, it's not just your wife who is involved. Someone else is feeding them ideas and making plans behind your back. Who knows how far it has gone?

Most men are passive and procrastinate when important matters should be dealt with easily and quickly, because they feel uncomfortable.

Hire a professional private investigator whose job it is, is to help people in your situation.

If you think it will cost too much or you are apprehensive at the thought of facing the facts, do yourself a favor and call us. Just discuss the minimum facts and we will give you some free and private advice with no obligation. Call 714-432-9911 and ask for Mike.

If you are uncomfortable with the idea of hiring a private investigator to find out whether you are being lied to and cheated on, you should consider the additional damage that can be caused by not getting the proof as soon as possible, and getting it through a discreet and trustworthy private investigator who has been catching cheaters for over thirty years. We have the ability and staff to quickly get you the evidence so you can move forward to resolving the matter in the best way you can.

What can happen if you do nothing and keep looking the other way for fear of learnign the truth? Many things can occur. This can go in several directions. Most of them are not good for you.

  • Will your wife move the guy into your home after you have been forced to move out?
  • Will she live with someone else now and still have the courts enforce alimony and child support?
  • We can do pre-emptive work so you can act to protect yourself. We can also determine whether this is happening at any point to assist you in protecting your children and your assets.

Our Family Law Services may be a perfect fit for you.

If you ask; "Is my wife having an affair"? We will get answers for you in some if not all of the areas listed below.

  • Whether she is having an affair.
  • Who she is seeing.
  • When they are getting together.
  • Confirm what they did during the time in question.
  • Whether the other person is married or involved.
  • How far the affair has gone.
  • Video proof of their meeting.
  • Addresses, names, descriptions and behavior in a detailed report from us to you.
  • Other information you might be interested in knowing.**

This isn't your dreaded 50 year check-up at the doctor's office. You shouldn't be in the dark with this one, get the information so YOU can decide how YOU are going to move forward, with or without her. If there is nothing you can do about their extramarital affair and it's too late, you need to know.

Do you have kids from this or a previous relationship? Are the kids still minors? Who will your wife have around the kids? Or worse still, is she already having someone near your children who has a drug or alcohol problem or a criminal record? Call us, we can help. 714-432-9911.

You are busy. Discovering your mate is seeing someone behind your back is a difficult fact to face. You can quickly get the proof you need in order to move on one way or the other. This lessens the anxiety and sleepless nights wondering what's going on.

We can refer our clients to top attorneys with specialized experience in Family Law matters should the need present itself. We are here to help.

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October 1, 2012
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