Is time theft a problem at your company? A corporate investigator will find out.

Growing companies usually operate on tight overheads. Any astute businessperson will know how important it is to keep tabs on every detail. Losing a few bucks here and there might not seem significant initially, but those sums can accumulate to make a sizable dent in a company's profits. For most companies, their biggest investment is in the workforce. This can also be the most vulnerable part of a business. In fact, experts estimate that billions of dollars are wasted by companies who are being paid for time they didn't work. It's all about time theft.

This can occur as the result of blatant, intentional record keeping errors, but also inadvertently via texting at work, a personal phone call that takes longer than the employee intended, or repeat tardiness. Those snippets of time can add up to hours and hours of free money for the employee, and money that you'll never see back as a return on your investment. A corporate private investigator can help your company get to bottom of any time theft infringements that are costing you money.

Time is money: A corporate investigator can help that equation turn a profit again. Eliminate Time Theft.

According to an NPR, In Order to Catch Worker Misconduct, Companies Hire Corporate Detectives. When company owners and managers consider theft, usually they think of stolen inventory, pilfered equipment, stock that goes missing in transit. This criminal behavior needs investigation, but it can be easy to overlook a more insidious form of theft. Workers who take illicit breaks, use working time for their own business, extend lunch breaks or clock off early, are all stealing from the company.

Time theft is difficult for companies to address, usually because of the problems of compiling a proper body of evidence against offenders. Supervisors who are meant to monitor employees' working habits will often turn a blind eye to what they see as a minor misdemeanor, while co-workers, out of a misplaced sense of solidarity, will often cover for colleagues. Meanwhile, the steady drip-drip of time theft is affecting productivity and profits.

This is where the services of an experienced private investigator can make a significant contribution. Using unobtrusive surveillance techniques, a PI can track the movements of employees and identify areas where time theft has become a significant concern. Over a few days' observation, a PI can build up a detailed and evidential picture of just how an employee is failing to fulfill their contracted work time.

Workplace abuses

Time theft is not the only issue that a PI's surveillance techniques can expose. An investigation can uncover a range of abuses, including smoking in the workplace, bullying, neglecting to wear safety equipment or using inappropriate language. An investigation can quickly identify these examples of off-limits behavior and compile the evidence necessary to confront perpetrators. A PI's report can help a company to address serious problems before they become too damaging. It can also expose areas where employee neglect or unprofessional behavior could compromise workplace safety.

Have you worked for a company where illegal activities were taking place right under the boss? nose? What do you think about hiring a corporate investigator to oversee workers in your place of business? We would love to hear your comments.

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October 1, 2013
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