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Divorce Attorney + Divorce Investigator = WIN

This investigator still finds it a little strange when we come across a Family Law Attorney who doesn't use private investigators, isn't aware of what we can do and doesn't realize the benefits of using experienced private investigators in divorce matters.

We have been told by some clients that they don't think their attorney wanted to introduce another expense, the expense of an outside investigator, to an already costly case when funds are limited and the attorney may have concerns about his or her own costs, etc.

The funny thing seems to be that a significant number of the client's do seem to get it and they do see the need to hire an investigator to prove some contested issue. It's pretty simple; hire the right private investigator to obtain the evidence you need to promote a speedy resolution.

Family Law, Spousal Support and Child Custody

We offer all prospective clients, whether an attorney or someone else, the benefit of a free and confidential phone consultation. There's no obligation to hire us, we all know this. We appreciate new business but if we don't believe we can achieve what the client is asking, we will explain why and we'll most likely take a pass. We also realize we are not the only P.I. in the area and we recommend people shop their options. Rates vary as does talent and the two are not necessarily related.

We have been told by more than a few attorneys over the years that they were paid for a straight, no-hassle divorce and they have no interest in creating a more complicated case because they aren't being paid enough. WHAT???? You're kidding right? Does your client know this? How about a little better communication for a start? How about explaining an hourly rate and an estimate for additional, unplanned developments? If the client doesn't want to do this or can't afford to, at least you've done your part.

Divorce Attorney Private Investigator

An unhappy client is not good for business whether you are their attorney or their P.I.

I refer hundreds of clients to attorneys every year and I understand the need for results. If you as an attorney do not give consideration to your clients' interests in collecting evidence to benefit their case, what does this say? Even if the results of our investigative efforts are negative, we have tried and clients feel satisfied they too have tried everything they could, to do what is best in their case. In the end most clients are satisfied with this.

On the other hand once we speak with an attorney or other individual regarding a new matter, we have a good understanding of what is going on and what is of concern. If we believe we can be of value and we take the assignment, we usually obtain very strong evidence that greatly enhances your position, quickly and at little comparative expense. How does this not work? The truth is it always helps to know what is really going on in these cases.

When an attorney, a private investigator and the client communicate and create a plan of action, it actually can help ensure a swift and predictable outcome rather than what we see so much of today. The Certified Family Law Attorneys that we have the pleasure of working with on child custody issues, matters of child support and spousal support/alimony know what is needed to prevail in the negotiations and come to a simple resolution.

Of course, the results of some of our private investigative services can inflame the tempers of those on the other side in the divorce but that is typically because we have collected the evidence needed to prove to the court, evaluators, mediators, apposing council, family, friends and employers, if necessary, all of the points in your argument.

We can effectively remove the wiggle room these people love to enjoy while getting away with everything in the divorce. How often does someone say the other side puts on an act for everyone but is totally different in reality? We prove this more times than not.

For your free consultation on the phone or in person you are encouraged to contact us sooner than later. Getting answers is empowering, we'll get you answers.

Mike Garroutte is a licensed private investigator in California, under license number P.I. 15568. He conducts numerous services for clients. You should always check the license status of any California Private Investigator you are considering, by visiting the website for the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services in Sacramento, Ca. (BSIS) at:

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April 1, 2014
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