It is time for a background check

Do you need a background check?

Today the information available and the methods used to check people out are keeping pace with high risk individuals we all come in contact with and need to be wary of. A background check may be your best option.

How can you check for assets? When is the time right and who should do the checking? A private investigator may be in your future. Ask yourself a few of the right questions and the answers may become crystal clear.

  • Is it important that I learn more information about this person or this business?
  • Does it matter whether they are telling me the truth?
  • Will I benefit by knowing the facts about this person before I make a decision?
  • Do I have a vulnerable position or any liability I should be concerned about?
  • Is a background check the answer or should I have surveillance, or both?
  • Is a background check worth the trouble and expense?
  • What will a financial investigation or asset search tell me?

These are just some questions you can ask yourself, a family member or client that needs to be careful and use diligence before making a potentially serious decision. There are many reasons to have a background check done. You may consider speaking with a professional private investigator to help you determine the best course for the situation.

Most of us licensed private investigators come from a background that enables us to lead clients in the right direction for the circumstances they are involved in. Call me a cynic but after thirty-plus years as a private investigator, I have come across thousands of people you would not want to do business with or have involved with your family. At the least, you need to know as much as you can before you go in blind.

Unfortunately, a private investigator usually gets the call from clients after the relationship has gotten to the point of fraud or some legal civil or criminal action. Of course we provide valuable services to attorneys and individuals at any stage of a situation but you would be best served to collaborate with the best private investigators for an asset investigation, financial investigation or a background check, before you have had to go to great expense and frustration associated with litigation, loss of property and other assets.

If you are concerned that a person you or a loved one is associating with is not who they claim to be, an asset search or background check is a cost effective and comprehensive way to find good, accurate information.

Our searches and services are legal and confidential. You have zero exposure and liability and can make better, more informed decisions. The turnaround time is quick and you get a professionally written report that is good for you or a courtroom if need be. It's hard to beat these types of services for the cost vs. value realized.

To learn more about the best asset search and background check available or to inquire about other investigative services and the prices they cost, please contact us and get answers in a 5 minute, free and confidential call. There is no obligation just information and options.

Thank you,

Mike Garroutte is a licensed private investigator in Orange County, California. He is the owner of Linked Investigations and has been providing private investigative services for over thirty years.

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January 1, 2013
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