Linked Investigations Newport Beach can help you get the money you deserve

Where is the money? Are there any Hidden Assets? Have you checked? Linked Investigations Newport Beach can help.

  • Are you faced with a current or potential court case involving any type of liquid asset or investment asset?
  • Do you know where the money is?
  • You may be fooling yourself if you think there aren't any properties or bank accounts you are unaware of. We see it all the time.

There are several ways people can wrongly use community property assets. When this is uncovered, the money must often be repaid to the other party in a marriage gone bad. The same can be true of a business partnership that is ending.

Having the right private investigator conduct an asset search for any pre-litigation or current law suit involving a business dispute, personal dispute or to investigate fraud or potential fraud, makes good sense.

There are many reasons to order a basic asset search or a more extensive bank account search to confirm known or uncover unknown property, bank accounts, investment accounts, business partnerships and many other assets.

We conduct asset searches to find real estate, houses, land, commercial buildings to name a few. Our asset searches also find businesses or hidden assets, you may not have been aware existed.

One of the strongest tools we offer our clients outside of our top computer search resources for background checks and asset checks is surveillance. In the course of a well orchestrated surveillance we learn vital information.

  • We learn much more than simple activity, we observe our subjects spending money, buying gifts, taking expensive trips, attending professional sporting events, lavish lunches, dinners and hotels.
  • We see them visiting condominiums and apartments that they may even be paying for with half of or all of your money. We observe visits to banks and real estate offices you were not aware of.
  • In corporate or small business concerns we discover secondary businesses they have set-up to compete with your company. We observe, videotape and document in writing, several behaviors that when known by you, our client, make a huge difference for you.
  • We confirm when employees, partners and competitors steal intellectual property, inventory and clients.

It is time to stop wondering what has already happened, or is happening, right under your nose. You have a remedy available when you contact the right company and become informed during a free, no obligation consultation. You'll learn exactly what you can do to change the outcome of your situation for the best.

Mike Garroutte is a licensed private investigator in Orange County, California and the owner of Linked Investigations, private investigative services.

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September 28, 2013
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