Need accurate asset searches for your clients?

"Follow the money" was the catchphrase of the detectives in the TV drama, The Wire. It's a policy that applies equally to the cases of many attorneys, chasing the elusive truth about an individual's financial assets. Getting the full picture of a subject's assets isn't always straightforward. Despite the prevalence of digital data and records, it is still possible to conceal real estate, wealth, vehicles and other assets in a way that requires a dedicated investigator to expose. What you need is accurate asset searches.

This is why attorneys often find the services of an experienced private investigator invaluable when a thorough asset search is required to build up an accurate picture of the true sums involved in business deals, divorces and family disputes.

Accurate Asset Searches Uncover A Spouse's Secrets

Rare is the wife who knows every detail of her husband's income and net worth, and vice-versa. In a divorce case, one of the primary sources of contention can be the question of money. With the interested parties offering conflicting accounts of their income, property assets and savings, accurate information is vital for an attorney to construct an effective case.  An asset search conducted by a private investigator will uncover details of real estate, secret bank accounts, even exclusive gym memberships, inheritances or other assets that the spouse may have omitted to mention during a divorce settlement.

A Corporate Investigator Can Shed Light on Business Backgrounds

In corporate cases, where partners are in dispute or a business faces bankruptcy, an asset search can be vital. Corporate investigative services can uncover details of previous bankruptcies, tax liens, debt defaults and similarly damaging information about a business associate. Asset checks are a key element of broader background checks, perhaps on new employees or potential business clients.

Benefit From Professional and Experienced Means and Methods

An accurate asset search goes much further than a cursory online check against an individual's name, which could be managed by any computer-literate person. Experienced private investigators can dig much deeper. They have established patterns of investigation and time-tested techniques for uncovering hidden assets. A PI will harvest the readily-available information thoroughly,  but also recognizes the limitations of public records and databases and uses contact networks and surveillance techniques to follow the money into murkier regions.

Need Expert Assistance with an Asset Search Investigation?

We can assist you. Linked Investigations has over 30 years of experience providing accurate and detailed asset checks for their clients. A free consultation will detail the ways our investigative techniques can support a case. When you work with us, you receive close and personal attention, and we make sure you only receive the most accurate and well-researched information available. Contact us to discuss your need.

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August 1, 2013
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