Need Child Support? Think Surveillance Services!

Are you not getting the child support the courts ordered? Are you ex's payments decreasing, or being skipped, over time? Were you aghast at the dishonest "earnings total" that was reported in court by your ex-spouse and his/her lawyer?

Unfortunately, you are not alone. Even though the penalties for not paying child support have increased dramatically in the past few decades, they aren't very effective if the non-custodial parent intentionally withholds earning information from the court system.

If you suspect your ex-spouse, or the father/mother of your children, is evading child support obligations, it may be time to seek the help of a licensed private investigator. There are several proven methods private investigators can use to help you get the proof you need and receive the child support you deserve.

Hire a Private Investigator for Child Support Surveillance Services

One of the first steps a private investigator can take when pursuing your case is to prove the spouse is working. Surveillance services, complete with a professional written report and surveillance photos/videos, can go a long way towards convincing a family law judge that the non-custodial parent is being dishonest.

In many cases, it's easy for individuals to lie because they are working under the table. Surveillance services can help to prove that s/he is indeed working. We can follow their daily activities as little or as much as you like, but we find that the surveillance services our clients need require less time than they think. It doesn't take too many photos and/or surveillance videos of a supposedly "unemployed" individual at work to make a judge pay attention. Sometimes, the evidence can prevent another courtroom visit altogether because your ex and/or his/her lawyer will cough up the truth and rectify the child support payments to reflect the difference.

Surveillance services may also show where the ex's money is going. If your ex claims s/he can't afford child support payments, but is caught going out, partying, spending money on meals with dates, friends, and/or significant others, etc. you will have a better case to present when you return to the court room for a reevaluation.

Consider an Asset Check and Adjust Child Support Payments Accordingly

An Asset Check, also called an Asset Search, can be another way to investigate someone's financial situation. Perhaps you suspect that your ex is hiding money somewhere, or know s/he has recently bought toys, accessories, or techy gadgets that prove his/her financial situation is better than originally indicated. Did your ex just buy a house, or investment property, when in the courtroom s/he pleaded about financial troubles? Asset checks are a great way to have black and white proof that an individual's situation is not as it appears.

Due to the increasing number of public documents available online, many people feel they can do their own asset check, without paying for asset check services. Beware. For one thing, doing your own asset check can be incredibly time consuming and turn up significantly bad leads. Often, the information that appears is outdated, inaccurate, or too confusing to sort through. Also be careful before using any service that advertises "Free Asset Searches". They are usually scams that work by charging you more and more money when their original "free" search turns up the bare minimum information.

When you hire a private investigator to run your asset check, you will be paying for updated information that has been evaluated - and translated - by a professional. Linked Investigations has worked with reputable and professional online data bases for decades. We know how to get the information you need without all the hassle.

As the custodial parent of your children, it is important that your child support payments truly reflect the financial situation of the child's other parent. Consider hiring Linked Investigations for professional surveillance services and/or an accurate asset check.

Mike Garroutte has been working as a Los Angeles private investigator and a Private Investigator in Orange County since 1982. His private investigation firm, Linked Investigations, has been helping parents with family law issues for more than 30 years.

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October 1, 2012
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