No Heir or Executor? You May Want to Run an Asset Search.

Wills, or the lack of them, can prove a serious source of acrimony among families. When a relative dies without leaving an up-to-date or accurate will, the result can be a lengthy, and potentially costly, dispute about how to divide the assets. In the first instance, there can be difficulties in ascertaining the exact worth of those assets.

Use an accurate asset check to ensure all property and monies are accounted for

Usually, when someone dies without a will, the surviving spouse or children will inherit, but this can be less obvious when that elderly maiden aunt or bachelor great-uncle dies without any immediate family to will things to, or in cases where family-ties have unraveled over time.

In cases where there is no will, no clear heir or an executor for the deceased's estate, it can be advantageous for family members to use a professional investigator to conduct an asset search to uncover the full extent of the legacy. Using an outside impartial investigator will ensure that all interested parties appreciate that nothing is being concealed.

An Online Asset Search Can Find Hidden assets

While cash holdings and property deeds can be accessed fairly easily in most cases, a deceased person's wider assets may not be entirely apparent. The relative might have dropped hints about their stock portfolio or one-tenth share in the old family mansion back in Italy, and they might have been dismissed as fantasy. However, a professional asset search can uncover the truth and determine the value.

A professional asset search company can use subscriber-only data check services to scour every possible angle and determine if there are, indeed, secret or intentionally hidden assets lurking somewhere nobody ever suspected. If so, we'll find the hidden assets so you can begin the paperwork process to claim them.

An Asset Search Company Can Find Insurance and Pensions

Less romantically, the deceased may have had a complicated employment and insurance history that left behind a maze of financial complications. An asset search can trace former employers, attorneys and insurance representatives who should have records of investments, pension plans, legal obligations or insurance policies that may have a cash value. In addition, an asset search should present a detailed picture of the deceased's banking history and uncover any forgotten savings accounts or interest that has accrued. You would be amazed at how small savings accounts forgotten years ago can accrue a respectable interest over the course of decades.

The Mysterious Life of Uncle "AKA" . . .

Uncle Joe might have seemed a conventional sort of guy, but that doesn't mean he led an uneventful life. In rare cases, an asset search will reveal an alias, an invented name used for mysterious (or merely artistic) reasons, with accounts or investments held in that name.  A private investigator's experience can be particularly valuable in following the trail in these instances.

Professional asset search companies can find more complex assets, or hidden assets, the free asset search companies can't. Why let someone else claim money, property, or other inheritable assets that are rightfully yours?

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November 1, 2013
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