In Sickness and in Health: Safely Dating Online

Because of Covid-19, many bars, restaurants, venues, and businesses have closed and will continue to do so. For many people, the only option they have is to stay home. The lack of social outlets creates a desire for interaction, especially for those who live alone and suddenly find themselves unable to go out and meet new people.

Many people are turning to online dating to fill the void. Online dating is nothing new. And with, so many different dating apps and sites, there are plenty of options to choose from. Unfortunately, there are also plenty of opportunities to be scammed.

It’s important to not let your guard down just because you’re interacting with a person online. Many are people are looking for someone to take advantage of. Many online profiles are fake and expertly maintained by organized crime groups.

If you are just meeting someone new, do your best to practice safe social distancing and keep the interaction to video chatting, emailing, texting, or other virtual mediums. If you absolutely want to meet the person, first do it in a public place. This way you can meet up and you can decide whether you want to be alone with them or not.

It’s okay to be friendly and flirty, but don’t ever give a person money. It doesn’t matter how badly a person “needs” it or how much they claim to love you. If you don’t know anything about the person, don’t give them access to your money or your credit cards. Let’s say you’re in a long-distance relationship and the person only ever emails you. If they suddenly ask you to buy them a phone, a computer, a debit card or add them to your existing account, or even a house or some other large purchase as a show of good faith and affection, that’s a red flag.

There are many stories about people who thought they had met the love of their life, only to discover that they were being scammed. The person they were in love with never existed and they were only being used for their money.  If you think you are being catfished, leave the relationship or ask for help if you’re in too deep. Sadly, many people don’t know they’re being catfished until it’s too late. Even worse, too many people hold out for the .001 % chance they are not being scammed or in hope the other person will come clean and turn into a good person. Many victims are ashamed and feel stupid and do not want to confide in family or friends. The scammers know this, and they love it!

Having casual, no strings attached relationships can be fun. There’s no need to worry about commitment and you can let your guard down. Being something on the side is not fun. If you suspect your partner is cheating or that you’re being cheated on, you’ve got options. If you are in a causal relationship, you can just cut your losses and leave. If you’ve been together for a while or if you’re married, you may want to look into hiring a licensed private investigator to confirm whether or not your partner is cheating. Once you confirm your suspicions, you can go from there. We can assist you with options and a plan to move forward.

If you are dating and things are getting pretty serious, you might want to run a background check or an asset check on the person just to see if they really are who they say they are. If you notice any red flags, it’s also good to run a background check, before you take things further. Your safety is priority.

Online dating can be fun and you have the potential to meet the love of your life, or at the very least, make some good friends. But, if you think you might need one of our services, reach out to us. We’re here to help. 

As with most new relationships, we recommend verifying any prospective private investigator you will consider. You can check the license status and disciplinary record of any state-licensed private investigator in California by using their name, company name, and license number. There are numerous unlicensed people referring to themselves as private investigators and advertising as such. This is not legal.

We are Linked Investigations. The owner is Mike Garroutte. Our California State Private Investigator’s license number is 15568. You can verify this at the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services in Sacramento, California or by using  this link to the government website to verify a license.

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