Free Consultation

Free ConsultationConsult With A Private Investigator

A complimentary consultation can take place via the phone, email, or an appointment, depending on which you prefer.

What is discussed during the consultation?
A free consultation provides the opportunity for both parties to determine whether we would be a good fit and whether we can be an asset to you. We will explain what we do and how we charge.
Whether we are providing a complete background check, full-length surveillance services or you need us to find someone, it is important to us that we have a positive working relationship with our clients. Your satisfaction is important to us.


1.   The Beginning: Of course any business relationship begins with the initial contact. Whether we meet on the phone or in person, the first step is to establish trust. You, our client, should have confidence and feel comfortable sharing sensitive information about your life or businesses. We take this responsibility very seriously, earning your trust is a priveledge.

2.    What Are Your Needs?  Many clients come to us thinking they need hours upon hours of surveillance services.  After the consultation, we may find we can accomplish your goals, and acquire the evidence you need, in much less time.  This saves you money! You may need an asset search, a complete background check or a national criminal background check. After we discuss your goals, we will have a better idea of how to tailor our services to meet your needs.

3.    Now It’s Time To Match Our Services To Your Budget.  Ultimately, our goal is to have a history of satisfied clients. Linked Investigations has some of the most competitive prices in the field of private investigators. It is important to us that you are not overcharged for unnecessary services. When we are finished with the consultation, you will feel confident with an honest quote for our investigative services specifically tailored to your requirements.

Please Contact Us for your Free Consultation

Our business is built on positive relationships. The success of our private investigation business has been built upon client referrals and repeat business. We want you to be 100% satisfied with our services so that you will refer us when you are able to, and will come back to us if you need our investigative services again.

Our complimentary consultations are completely free of obligation.  You are not expected to use our services in any way. Often these situations require some planning on the part of a potential client. However, we always hope that you will use our services as we feel we are the most trustworthy licensed private investigators in the business.




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