Platonic Relationship? Is My Wife Having an Affair?

Are you asking; "Is my wife having an affair?", or "Is my wife involved in a platonic relationship?" Maybe you are already saying; "my wife is having an affair".

There are several areas of concern; many cheating spouse situations have similar aspects from case to case, while still, each case is unique in one way or another. If nothing else, your situation involving a cheating spouse is unique because it's your life, not the other guy's, that is being messed with.

Some cheaters are slick enough to never get caught on their own. Private investigators are a valuable asset when you need to catch a cheating wife. Some of us private investigators who catch cheaters have so much experience in this field that we can be of great benefit to you in many ways throughout the process.

The right private investigator can make it much easier for you and we don't cost a fortune. There are many do's and don'ts when it comes to dealing with catching a cheating spouse and proceeding down the correct path. You need a professional private investigator that is not emotionally invested, to benefit from that private investigator's perspective, a P.I. who specializes in catching a cheating spouse, Family Law and Child Custody.

Here are a few points to think about when you ask "Is it a platonic relationship?" or "Is my wife having an affair?"

  • Is your wife telling you that her close male friend is just a friend?
  • Are you being told they are in a platonic, non-sexual, relationship?
  • Does your wife leave to meet him for a while?
  • Does your wife have unexplained absences?
  • Has your wife become less interested in your relationship?
  • Is your wife looking better than ever and enthusiastically going out?
  • Does your wife have mood swings contributed to another relationship?
  • Do you know the guy? Is there any tension between you?

Of course people are capable of maintaining friendships with others that are non-sexual. We all know this. However, if your relationship is not rock-solid or your wife has a few relationships with men or women you feel are not appropriate. You may have reason for concern. It is not always easy to tell though.

"Going out to meet my girlfriend" or "going out with the girls tonight" are very common statements that a cheating wife might say. When a wife is having an affair, it's not unusual for her to claim she was out with her girlfriend or having a glass of wine at her girlfriend's house. How do you know?

Don't try to be your own private investigator. You will most likely create more problems and fail to get good information. Hire a private investigator and get the answer to the question;

Is my wife having an affair?

  • A cheating wife may stay out late or until morning.
  • A cheating wife says she drank too much and stayed out to sober up.
  • A cheating wife's cell phone battery was dead or the phone had no signal or was on vibrate, etc.

What happens when you are away on business or are away at your regularly scheduled meeting? What is your wife really up to?

These are questions that may never come to mind in a healthy relationship. In a relationship where someone feels neglected or is unsettled for any number of reasons, you then have cause for concern.

My wife is having an affair

We have found that many married or otherwise committed people who maintain friendships with members of the opposite sex, share private time with them, and act aloof at times, are at very high risk of an affair. Is your wife having an affair?

Most of the time these inappropriate relationships have lasted for years, even longer than the married couple in question has been married. Sometimes wives have affairs with their ex-husbands. If they spend social time out, including dinner and drinks, the potential for an affair is even higher. In any of these scenarios, a private investigator that conducts surveillance is useful.

This is rarely appropriate in our opinion. For a healthy marriage, the married couple should spend this social time with each other. If that's not possible, it is healthier to spend that time with friends of the same sex or with family, doing healthy things that strengthen family.

Most of the time husbands and wives that engage in extra-marital affairs are pretty smooth and convincing. They are good at being dishonest and can even take a defensive and threatening position when questioned. You may feel uncomfortable at times, or maybe you are oblivious to obvious signs of a cheating spouse. Either way, you do not want to play the fool to someone you should be able to trust.

An experienced private investigator, a private investigator that catches cheating wives and cheating husbands, can get to the bottom of things quickly.

  • How much is too much?
  • Have you set any guide lines?
  • Have you communicated your concerns with your wife?

For answers to your personal questions in private and for free, contact us for your confidential consultation. There is no obligation. We will provide you with answers and options. We will tell you what you can expect from us and what we charge for our investigative services.

Thank you and good luck!

Mike Garroutte is a licensed Private Investigator in California. He is the owner of Linked Investigations and regularly serves clients as a private investigator in Los Angeles and as a private investigator in Orange County. To contact Mike directly, call 714-432-9911 or email to

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November 1, 2012
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