Investigative Services for Business - Part 2

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When our Private Investigative team goes into a company that has a warmer atmosphere and a good communication ladder for all, there is almost always a comfortable fluidity to the daily grind.

It is a nice place to work. Everyone seems pretty happy and appears to enjoy their duties and the people around them. The employees we meet with reinforce this. Practically everyone knows who the problem person or people are and they have some idea of what is going on.

It is within these comfortable but professional settings that a bad egg or two will surface and stand out. Something then must be done. If nothing is done or if there is weakness in dealing with this kind of issue, everything will suffer, badly.

Many people work honestly and have a good work ethic. Working hard and accomplishing goals is rewarding. They may never even consider stepping out of line and if they become unhappy or disenchanted, they know they can simply quit their job and move on. They can even start their own business or go to work for your competitor. After all this is an at-will employment? state.

When you are working with people you don't know very well and haven't screened, you cannot know their intentions or integrity.

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February 1, 2012
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