Investigative Services For Business - Part 3

Welcome back for Part Three of our Private Investigative Services Blog Series. Please Click Here for Part 1 or Part 2 if you need to get caught up.

There are of course people who are wired differently, or started working for you with fair intentions but changed dramatically over time and didn't have the courtesy to simply leave the company.

There are predators. People who have negative intentions and move from business to business to steal.

  • They steal inventory, good employees, ideas, intellectual property, company time or valuable data and money.
  • Some intentionally ruin your reputation in your industry by spreading rumors and sabotaging your hard earned reputation.
  • Some will force a company to fire them so they can sue for wrongful termination or collect unemployment benefits, or both.
  • Many will leave on a medical claim and while collecting disability benefits they continue to work secretly on their own or for another company, who may also be their next victim.
  • These people convince other laborers to follow their lead in filing false claims, often using the same attorney and doctors. These claims alone can cause your insurance premiums to skyrocket, thus forcing you out of business.

One of the worst side effects of these employees without integrity is that they have a way of bringing down the morale of good people. When employees in any company see bad behavior and conditions that go unchecked, they themselves start to have a change of attitude. This can create irreparable damage.

We listen to you. We do our homework, create an action plan and initiate the plan. We provide you with excellent investigative information and insights. We make recommendations to you, our principals and the decision is up to you.

We can, and often do conduct exit interviews with offending individuals, usually making the process go as discreet and painless as possible.

This three part blog article may be helpful to you if you are researching employee fraud or any of the following related private investigation services;

  • dishonest employee
  • problem employee
Published on: 
February 1, 2012
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