Private Investigative Services Surveillance Prices

How much does a Private Investigator charge for his or her services?

We are often asked the question about investigative services surveillance prices and the answer can be more than a little involved. My name is Mike and I am the owner of Linked Investigations - private investigative services, in Costa Mesa, California. First, let me thank you for your visit to our company website and for your time here. I can assure you it is time well spent.

There are numerous services we offer clients and those services have different prices. If your inquiry is related to surveillance I can give you an idea of what you can expect to receive from us and what you can expect to pay for surveillance.

Investigative Services Surveillance Prices

Our surveillance is typically billed at $80.00 per hour, with a four hour minimum. We have a mileage charge of .75 per mile. The minimum retainer for surveillance is $350.00. The service includes one investigator at this rate and you can expect a very competent, licensed private investigator with many years of surveillance experience to perform the service. You can expect the best. *Many agencies do not use experienced, licensed private Investigators to actually do the work for you.

Keep in mind that when we follow a person we refer to them as the "subject" of our investigation.

  • You can expect a detailed, professional, court-ready report which includes all of the specific relevant times of significant activity, the locations and addresses of places visited, descriptions of people the subject comes into contact with and any identifying information we can obtain. The report will of course detail the nature of any interesting interaction between the subject and people they come into contact with. We will furnish you with the report generally within one to two days of completing the work. The report is accompanied by an accurate accounting of our use of time and your money, in our billing statement.
  • The surveillance includes video service. We can obtain very good quality discreet video evidence during our field work. The video is intended to supplement our already detailed report.
  • We remain in close communication with you, as needed, to keep you informed and updated, if you like. We remain available and easily accessible to you after the completion of our work.

The way to get started is to continue some discussion here, through email or by phone, with our covering in more detail, the nature of your particular situation and how we can provide you with the best results. Together we decide the best day or combination of days to monitor the subject's activity and the most logical time of day or night to monitor him or her. We need the addresses of the basic known locations such as home and office. This is perhaps the simplest way to control costs and get you results in the shortest period of time.

We discuss any unusual behaviors, recent incidents, their history, the subject's behavior patterns, places they visit, i.e. work, gym, golfing, business trips, unexplained absence, etc. We'll ask you for their physical description, their vehicle description, their typical dress habits, driving style and any person you believe may be involved. Once we have created a plan we move forward to quickly get you the answers. Our initial contact with you may only take 10-15 minutes but you are welcome to take as long as you need and there is no charge for this initial consultation.

If you are interested in other private investigative services we offer, our company is accomplished at providing top results for Background Checks, Asset Searches, Criminal Records Searches, finding people and much more. You need only to ask us.

All of our consultations are completely confidential. Private - Period. We never charge for an initial consultaion. Should you choose to use our services you will be in good hands. Linked Investigations, Expect the Best.

Feel free to contact me directly at 714-432-9911 or by email here.

We are licensed in California under # P.I. 15568. We recommend you do some research of your own before hiring anyone for sensitive issues. The information box below is a direct link to the state of California's Bureau of Security and Investigative Services. (BSIS) You can verify the license of any Private Investigator in California simply by clicking on the box and following the instructions on the state's website. Good Luck.

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March 1, 2014
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