Private Investigator Coveted By Attorneys - Part 2

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Can you rely on the referral of another attorney? Sometimes you can trust an attorney's referral for a private investigator. If an attorney uses a private investigator and refers business to the private eye, this could be due to the investigator having a good reputation or possibly a successful working history with that attorney. Hopefully this is not based just on a reciprocal professional relationship. "You send me clients and I'll send you clients."

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While you may get a referral to a very good private investigator from an attorney, you should also consider checking around some on your own. We have found that too many attorneys don't know a good private investigator. Most of them do the same thing that the police used to do, open the phone book or search on the internet for a prominent advertisement, not necessarily a good company.

To their credit, we have received numerous phone calls from law firms, the principal attorneys or their secretaries and paralegals, for the purpose of interviewing us and exercising some due diligence on their part, for the benefit of their clients.

These calls tell us that the lawyers calling actually care enough to look into a private investigator for their client, rather than simply choosing one at random from a paid/sponsored listing somewhere.

When a lawyer doesn't know a good private investigator, he or she should do some research before referring one.

I have always been a little surprised to hear how many attorneys are not aware of the benefits in using a good private detective. We receive phone calls from their worried, frustrated, angry and disappointed clients

We have had many conversations over the years with clients who have told us they cannot understand why their attorney has not thought of some of the points we have discussed with them, or that the attorney has lost their case or lost important parts of their case because the attorney has put off hiring a private investigator to take care of these critical points. This could have been avoided. There could have been fewer complaints filed against attorneys at the State Bar of California.

  • You may not think there is anything to discover in a basic investigation, you may be surprised. If there is not, you have used diligence in searching.
  • If your client would like to have an investigation done, you should give consideration to this.
  • By indulging your client you may be avoiding headaches in the future, when it comes out that an investigation may have revealed important information.

Still, if your client has requested the services of a private investigator, you must consider your due diligence and have a private eye conduct a due diligence search or other investigative services. This does not cost an arm and a leg and could produce valuable information.

Clients tell us in most situations that they have asked and even told their attorney to do these things, to hire a private detective to do research, interview witnesses, conduct surveillance or other services we provide. Money wasn't an issue for some of these people, still, nothing had been done and painful missed opportunity was the result. The clients feel this is a big waste of time, money and loss of potential results. These mistakes are often life changing.

Before you hire any private investigator in California we strongly suggest you visit the state's website at This is the Department of Consumer Affairs' Bureau of Security and Investigative Services. This is the agency bureau that licenses and oversees Private Investigators, security guards, lock smiths and some other professionals in California.

Please feel free to check us out with the state. You can check by using the business name Linked Investigations or the license number. Our license number is 15568. We have provided a button with an internal link that brings you right to the page of the state's website to check an investigator's license.

Protect Yourself

Check the license status of anyCalifornia Private Investigator. Contact the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services website at

If you have any trouble we will be happy to help. Our consultations are private, free and without obligation.

Mike Garroutte is a licensed California private investigator. He is the owner of Linked Investigations in Costa Mesa, California. He has been a private investigator based in Orange County, California for over thirty years.

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December 1, 2012
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