Private Investigator Coveted By Attorneys

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We all know attorneys have an obligation to do all they can for their clients in a civil case or criminal case.

Too many attorneys wait too long to get the full advantage available from the services of a private investigator. Do your due diligence.

No matter how strong your case appears to be or how badly the deck might be stacked against your client and against you, you need to consider the benefit in collaborating with a licensed private investigator that has 30 years of hands-on investigative experience in gathering evidence, preparing for negotiations and litigation for the legal community.

When you collaborate with the investigators at Linked Investigations in Orange County, California, you are utilizing the knowledge and proven methods of the top private investigators available. We regularly work alongside investigators possessing varied skills and experience that comes together to put you in the know and give you the best advantage in the conference room or the courtroom, in front of the bench.

Use a private investigator in Los Angeles or an Orange County Private Investigator to get the best results.

Our licensed private investigators come from diverse backgrounds, possessing talents valuable in the industry; some with financial backgrounds, strong communication skills, retired local and federal law enforcement agents with varied areas of strength and investigative ability, surveillance specialists, interview and interrogation specialists, on-line search specialists and electronic eves-dropping detection experts, to name a few. Each case in which we are called upon is very sensitive to our clients and us alike. We understand this and conduct ourselves accordingly.

If you are like most attorneys, you probably haven't given much thought to using a private investigator, let alone considering how to go about finding a good licensed private investigator with the right experience, in the areas that matter to you.

Where to look and who you can trust for a referral

We have been retained by clients who said they called the police and were given a referral to us. This is great, however, in my opinion, when the police have given our name in the past, at least until the mid-1990's, this was most likely as a result of just opening the old phone books and skimming through a few advertisers.

Now they probably conduct a quick internet search since that is where most all advertising has gone. Few police department referrals were as a result of the front desk receptionist, the dispatcher or a detective actually knowing any private investigator by reputation, unless they were sending a retired co-worker-turned private investigator some business.

Before you hire any private investigator in California we strongly suggest you visit the state's website at is the Department of Consumer Affairs' Bureau of Security and Investigative Services. This is the agency bureau that licenses and oversees Private Investigators, security guards, lock smiths and some other professionals in California.

Please feel free to check us out with the state. You can check by using the business name Linked Investigations or the license number. Our license number is 15568. We have provided a button with an internal link that brings you right to the page of the state's website to check an investigator's license.

If you have any trouble we will be happy to help. Our consultations are private, free and without obligation.

Mike Garroutte is a licensed California private investigator. He is the owner of Linked Investigations in Costa Mesa, California. He has been a private investigator based in Orange County, California for over thirty years.

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December 1, 2012
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