Private Investigator Discusses Tips for Wives with Gay Husbands

Bonnie Kaye runs a world-recognized support network for the wives and families of gay husbands. She interviewed California private investigator Mike Garroutte regarding the investigative services that assist women in making informed decisions when they find out they have a gay husband. Hear Mike's tips for wives with gay husbands.

When a woman finds out her husband is gay, it is devastating. It shifts everything she believes to be true about the man she married, their relationship, their sex life, their family and her future. In a best case scenario, a woman falls in love with a kind man, who wants desperately to have a "normal" family, and tries his best to remain faithful to the marriage. In a worst case scenario, she is targeted by a gay man who needed a cover to pursue his alternative lifestyle on the side.

Either way, when marital fidelity has been violated, joint funds have been used to fund his indiscretions, and a family is about to be broken up, a private detective can help you figure out exactly where you stand.

California Private Investigator Talks About Investigative Services That Benefit Wives of Gay Men and Cheating Husbands

Here is this week's episode where California private investigator, Mike Garroutte, speaks with Bonnie Kaye about background checks, asset searches, the importance of documentation, temporary restraining orders, and more:

A recap from the most recent episode includes:

  1. Never let your mate know what you're doing. To get the most accurate information, it's imperative that you remain as outwardly calm as possible, control your emotions (we know it's hard!), and keep your research and investigation to yourself. Your power lies in finding out the information on the sly, so you have every single piece of information you need to make decisions and move forward in a way that is empowering to you! Once you have the information together, and documented, you can be pursue legal advice and confront your husband with what you have learned.
  2. Asset Search. An asset search can be a powerful tool, especially for women who have let their husbands take control of the finances. Through an asset search, we can find out where the money is located, or whether your home has been refinanced without your knowledge. We can see if secret credit cards, savings and checking accounts, or money market accounts may exist that you are unaware of. These are are vital pieces of information you want to know before you leave or pursue a divorce.
  3. Background Checks. If your husband is gay, he is obviously capable of being a dishonest person. Again, in a best case scenario, this may be the only dishonesty.  We always recommend that clients obtain a complete background check before getting involved in a committed relationship. Complete background checks can also be helpful for women who think their husbands are gay. You can uncover valuable information before making your next move.
  4. Surveillance services. Your mate may have a clean criminal and civil record, but that doesn't mean they're an honest person. Surveillance services are your Number 1 tool for determining exactly what is going on. So often, our clients come to us for surveillance services as a last resort. Once we uncover the evidence they need, our clients are so grateful and often regret not acting sooner. The longer you wait, the longer you are being forced to live in a dishonest situation, wasting valuable time to move forward and live a meaningful life.
  5. Documentation. It's critical that women are very careful about documenting evidence to build their case. If you are abused, a police report is the best form of evidence in a court of law. Private investigators will document surveillance evidence, anything they find via an asset search or complete background check, and the results of investigative services used to obtain evidence for their clients. This documentation can all paint a more accurate portrait for the courts, and help the wife to get the support and financial compensation she deserves. In states that don't have "No Fault Divorce" rules, this documentation may be critical in allowing the woman to have her marriage dissolved.

Think your husband is gay? Suspect a cheating husband? Hire a California Private Investigator.

Would you like advice on how to handle your situation? Mike Garroutte, owner of Linked Investigations, is a licensed California private investigator. He has helped to catch cheating spouses for more than 30 years. He understand the sensitive nature of these cases, and will work discreetly and diligently to get the evidence and information you need to make an informed decision. Contact Linked Investigations for assistance.

Published on: 
August 1, 2013
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