Private Investigator for Divorce and Child Custody

Catch a cheating spouse with the best surveillance investigator.

Not only should you hire a private investigator to catch a cheating spouse, you can use expert private investigation companies to help you prove your ex is not following the rules when they have their visitation of the children.

Resentment fosters miss-information. Hire a private eye.

If your spouse is lying about what they do with the kids during their time for custody or a visitation, this could be the opportune time to catch them using a good private detective and win child custody. At the least you can have the court place more stringent rules on them and the system can start to work better for you.

The judges in the family law court have a difficult job. They don't know you or your spouse and they don't know who to believe and what is really going on in your case and to what extent. Both side's attorneys may claim exaggerated violations or behaviors, how's the judge supposed to know who is telling the truth?

Divorce and Child Custody

It is critical in these divorce cases and child custody battles to get evidence using only a top private investigator. A private eye who has had many years as an expert in family law matters, someone who can get strong evidence, video, detailed court-ready reports, asset search and criminal background check information.

Do you really know what is happening during their visit? Do you have suspicions they are harming the children?

You need to have a professional, licensed private investigator check on this and other details so you and your attorney have the best information available and can show the court what is really going on rather than simply finger pointing with no actual proof to back up your claims.

Are you seeing a 730 evaluator? Does your spouse lie to the evaluator or other counseling authority? Are they convincing everyone including their attorney and the court that they are the nice person in all of this when you know the truth but can't prove it?

Hire a private investigator for divorce and custody

You don't have much time. Don't fool yourself and put off having something done because the dates are ahead on the calendar or you just don't want to deal with it right now. So many clients wait until there is very little time to obtain good information. Don't be one of those people who waited too long and now have to slow the whole process down and spend a lot more money. It may be too late to do well in any settlement or custody arrangement.

  • Do you know where your divorced ex-spouse currently lives?
  • Do you know whether they are working or where they work?
  • Do you know whether they have lied about their history in any area?
  • Do you know whether they have hidden assets?
  • Do they have businesses you can't find?
  • Do you know about people they have around the children?

What do you have to lose with a free and confidential discussion with a licensed private investigator? Nothing. We will tell what we believe you can accomplish with our investigative services. We will quote you our fees and provide a timeline you can rely on.

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May 1, 2012
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