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Do you need to find someone? To locate a person, our people finder services are second to none. We can find a person much faster and for less money than you might think. Even when you have little information, we can find people.

What are you waiting for? The longer you wait, the more opportunities are missed. Even when you've tried searching on-line yourself and turned up a dead end, don't get discouraged. Learn about our on-line search services here. We have found some of our subjects very quickly, even after our clients had told us they have searched for years and hired private investigators before. Sometimes you need to wait for a few months after a person has moved before having a private investigator search for and find them. They need to have updated information in the files available to private investigators.

We locate people regularly that were believed to be missing or off of the radar screen. We target the most important pieces of identifying information, geographic information and other useful information. Using our tested and proven methods we can find someone even when no-one else can.

Not everyone can be found, but do yourself a service and hire the best private investigator to do the searching for you. When results can be obtained, we will get them and provide you with the information you need. To learn more about how we find people, look here.

We can usually discover additional information of value to you that you might not have thought about. If you give us a few minutes of your time, in a free and confidential phone consultation, we will provide you with good options and solutions. We will explain what we can do for you, how long it will take and what the cost is, should you decide to move forward with our services.

We encourage you to contact more than one private investigator to compare their knowledge, experience and price. The prices range widely for practically identical services to find someone. Your main concerns should be whether the private investigator knows what he or she is doing, whether they are licensed and how much they will charge you. There are other criteria to consider, we will be happy to be of assistance.

People Finder

Locate a person quickly with our investigative services. It is legal and direct results save you time and money and aggravation. You should know, you can't always rely solely on the results of even the better computer searches conducted by private investigators. Sometimes it is required to double check results obtained in computer searches, with a trip to the address located. Often times the best person to conduct this field check of an address is the private investigator you hired to conduct the search and find someone.

Find My Family

Putting off searching can be a mistake. Too many times we have conducted searches for children looking for their father, mother or siblings, but they have waited too long. Have you ever said; "I need to find my family"? People also have other cherished relatives and long lost friends. Sometimes the person you need to find can answer important questions that no one else can. If you procrastinate for years, the trail sometimes gets too cold.

We have been hired to find someone more than once and found their most current address of record, only to visit the address to find out they have just moved again, sometimes far away or to an address that may or may not show up on the best computer searches within the next several months.

If you are searching for someone who now may be deceased, we will most likely be able to confirm whether they are living.

There are many proven methods and several worthwhile sources of information available to licensed private investigators. You should use diligence when searching for your private investigator. It is essential you find someone with the proper experience, that you can trust with sensitive and personal information. Find a private investigator that is familiar with the best methods and resources for finding people.

Check out a private investigator before you spend your money or provide your personal information. To check the license status of any California Private investigator, visit the state of California's website, You can also click on the below image. You will need the private investigators' business name or license number. Our California license number is P.I. 15568.

Thank you and good luck.

Mike Garroutte has been a private investigator in California for over thirty years. His company, Linked Investigations, is located in Costa Mesa, California.

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November 1, 2012
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