Lifting the Veil: How Private Investigators Can Aid Psychic Readings

There are plenty of psychics in California. More people are enlisting their services to seek answers or solace in their time of need. They might be looking for a reading to gain insight to their love life or a quick look into the week ahead. Many clients rely on the advice and intuition of the spiritual community to make decisions involving relationships, business transactions, travel, and more.

Did you know that private investigation can be used a supplement to your psychic reading?

Psychics and private investigators are experts in their fields when it comes to providing you with the help you need.  Some private investigators provide ongoing services to clients for all types of relationships: existing, new, and previous. After you have a reading, it might be in your best interest to use a private investigator to confirm information of interest or concern. 

Private investigators can help with the following

  • Surveillance services: If a psychic references someone who might bring you harm or put a damper on your future plans, private investigators can offer surveillance to give you better insight into who the person is, what they might be doing or to verify what you have been told.
  • A complete background check:  You might hear something about a potential lover being a soulmate. You may believe the person is honest or suspect he or she may be dishonest. Before you think about taking things to the next level or moving in with each other, consider getting a background check or checking legal records to learn more about the individual. The right private investigator can be an excellent go-to resource.
  • Public record searches: A psychic may give you information about a relative that has passed away or you are hearing about a possible reunion in your future. The right knowledgeable private investigator uses the best available databases and other public records to confirm details for you. A good private investigator can also contact people to talk with them on your behalf.

These are just a few of the services private investigators offer clients. Of course, if you are satisfied using only your psychic, medium, or other spiritual service, we wish you the best. However, if you are looking to supplement these services or simply move straight to factually-based, documented information through searching historical records or seeing proof, with quick, real-time confirmation on your end, consider hiring a talented private investigator.

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As with most new relationships, we recommend verifying any prospective private investigator you will consider. You can check on the license status and disciplinary record of any state-licensed private investigator in California by using their name, company name, and license number.

There are numerous unlicensed people referring to themselves as private investigators and advertising as such. This is not legal. We are Linked Investigations. The owner is Mike Garroutte. Our California State Private Investigator’s license number is 15568. You can verify this at the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services in Sacramento, California or by using this link to their government website to verify a license.

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