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It may require a private investigator to find out what really happened To Michelle O'Connell.

Michelle O'Connell is a woman from northern Florida who died under suspicious circumstances on September 2, 2010. O'Connell was found with a gunshot wound to the head. Her death was officially ruled a suicide, but many of her friends and family members claim O'Connell was murdered. The case is controversial in part because O'Connell was dating a deputy in the St. Johns County Sheriff's Office, Jeremy Banks. There are also other elements of the case that are raising suspicion.

One of these suspicious elements is the fact that the agent who was in charge of O'Connell's case for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Rusty Rodgers, is currently on administrative leave because of an investigation into allegations of professional misconduct. Other issues with the case have been brought up by Florida-based private investigator named Clu Wright.

Private Investigative Services In O'Connell's Case

According to Jacksonville news outlet WJXT, Wright compiled a 92-page report based on evidence he found that raised questions about the circumstances of O'Connell's death. For example, in a picture from the crime scene, a shirt can be seen on the futon above O'Connell's body. Wright says that a substance that looks like blood appears on the shirt, as well as gunshot residue and something that could be a bullet hole. Also, Banks' gun holster can be seen in crime scene pictures, and evidence from the investigation seems to indicate Banks agreeing with Rodgers that the gun could not have fallen into the position that it was photographed in at the crime scene.

As a result of this new evidence and a new witness that has supposedly come forward in the case, members of O'Connell's family are asking for an inquisition to be conducted into her death by the coroner. Commander Charles Mulligan at the St. Johns County Sheriff Office released a statement that three different independent investigations have lead to the incident being ruled a suicide.

How Private Investigators Can Help Your Unsolved Crime

San Diego private investigative services can help you with the same kind of assistance that Clu Wright is providing for Michelle O'Connell's family. Just some of these services include :

  • Conducting independent investigations: Wright compiled a 92-page report on the evidence that he found that raises questions about the circumstances of O'Connell's death. A skilled private investigator will be able to compile reports based on the investigative work that they are doing for you. These reports can help if you need to present your evidence to a judge or legal authority
  • Analyzing photographs and other kinds of surveillance evidence: Wright looked at photographs of the crime scene to find evidence making O'Connell's death seem suspicious. A knowledgeable private investigator can help you by examining evidence like photographs, videos, and audio tapes to try to get you answers about a person or situation that you want to learn more about.
  • Working with or investigating law enforcement: In O'Connell's case, a private investigator is working to raise questions about potential wrongdoing on the part of the authorities. Like Wright did, private investigators can often find clues that police officers miss for one reason or another

If you are searching for a private investigator in San Diego or Southern California to help you investigate a suspicious situation, be certain to call upon a knowledgeable private investigator who has the skills and experience to find evidence and examine it carefully.

A reliable private investigator will help you get information about a situation or incident that you feel unsettled about, as happened with the death of Michelle O'Connell.

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November 12, 2014
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