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Caregivers. You hire them to care for your aging parents and trust them with your parents' finances, health and happiness. You'd pay your body weight in gold to ensure that all of your parents' needs are met. You rely on caregivers because they have promised to provide the best elder care and assistance available.

But how much do you actually know about them? How much do you pay for care that might be sub-par? Or, if you decide to forgo hiring a caregiver, how do you take on the role of caregiver yourself without burning out? Luckily, there are tools available to help you protect your elderly parents. A Los Angeles private detective can help you with pre-employment screening, caregiver background checks, asset searches and surveillance services in order to look out for the physical and financial well-being of your loved ones.

Hire a Los Angeles Private Investigator to protect your aging loved ones

Each year 2.1 million elderly Americans are abused, neglected or exploited financially, according to the Administration on Aging. Many of the perpetrators are professional caregivers, hired by the victims' families--people like you--to care for them. Others are family members or close friends who become completely burnt out and end up causing physical and emotional elder abuse out of frustration and complete exhaustion.

Unfortunately, some of these caregivers don't care at all for your parents. Others may have other worries that consume their thoughts and actions - including debt, drug problems and mental health issues. For many, these problems don't come to light until the dark underbelly of elder abuse is exposed.

That's why it's important to protect your parents by hiring a Los Angeles private detective before you hire a caregiver.

A highly trained and skilled Los Angeles private detective can identify potential problems with caregivers before they become your problem. Private investigators can run a Complete Background Check to ensure you're hiring a highly qualified professional. They can also use national criminal background checks to see if the person has a prior history of physical or financial elder abuse, theft, or fraud.

  • You'll find out whether or not the caregiver is swimming in debt, which can foreshadow financial abuse.
  • You'll find out whether there is a history of mental health issues, which can foreshadow physical and emotional abuse.
  • You may be able to find out whether or not the caregiver has a problem with substance abuse, which can lead to financial exploitation as well as physical and emotional abuse.

Additional resources for caregivers can help provide the quality of care seniors deserve

Of course, finding the right caregiver for your elderly parents is only the first step. Paying for care can be expensive. Luckily, there are resources available to help you offset the cost, including state programs, veteran's benefits, insurance, etc.

Financial assistance helps if you hire a caregiver. But what if, after an investigation, you decide to care for your elderly parents on your own? Chances are you'll need a break eventually. That's where respite care comes in. It will give you a break as well as the piece of mind that your parents are well-protected, both of which are worth their weight in gold.

Screening caregivers carefully can help to ensure you hire the most qualified candidates for the job. A Los Angeles private detective can provide pre-employment screening, elder care / elder abuse investigative services, national criminal background checks, and more to ensure your loved ones aren't at risk for elder abuse. Stop elder abuse before it begins.

For more information about elder abuse prevention, or to investigate suspected elder abuse, contact a licensed Los Angeles private investigator at Linked Investigations.

Mike Garroutte, owner of Linked Investigations has worked hard to prevent elder abuse, and uncover elder abuse evidence for more than 30 years. He is a licensed Los Angeles private detective. If you feel someone you love is the victim of physical or financial elder abuse, please contact us and schedule a complimentary consultation so you can take action.

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July 1, 2013
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