Restraining Order Violations Are Serious

A restraining order is a court mandate that prevents someone from engaging in a particular action against the protected person. There are different kinds of restraining orders, but in most cases, restraining orders are designed to stop a person from coming within a certain distance of another person or engaging in any other unwanted or harassing behavior. The goal is to stop the individual from engaging in activity that harms another person, group of people, or business. In family law cases, like those involving divorce or child custody, the court issues an Order of Protection or Protective Order to prevent a family or household member from coming into contact with the protected individual.

Unfortunately, not everyone follows the guidelines of these restraining orders. When a restraining order is violated, the person that breaks the rules of the order is breaking the law. This could be extremely dangerous for someone that has a restraining order against a violent criminal, for example. If you or someone that you love has a restraining order that has been violated, there are a few important things to do to deal with this situation.

What to Do When Restraining Orders Are Violated

It is important to remember that the violation of a restraining order, like almost any legal case, requires evidence. To make sure that you can prove that your restraining order was violated, you need to take the following steps:

  • Call the police as soon as possible. This is especially critical if you believe that you are in danger.
  • Have a copy of the restraining order handy. Ideally, you will have multiple copies of the restraining order with you, whether you keep them in your car, wallet, or purse. Sometimes, just showing the offending person a restraining order and letting them know that the police are on the way will be enough to get them to leave you alone. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. You will also need to have a copy of the restraining order to show to the police when they arrive so that you have evidence that there actually is a restraining order in place.
  • Document the violation. No matter what type of restraining order you have in place, it is important that you can prove that it was violated so that the individual can be penalized—up to and including being sent to jail where they can’t harm you or anyone else.

This can be a lot of responsibility for someone, especially if they are in distress or are worried that they may be in serious danger. There are several reasons that hiring an investigator for restraining orders in Los Angeles can be a very good idea.

How Private Investigators Help with Restraining Orders

First, a private investigator can efficiently serve papers for a temporary restraining order. A temporary or emergency restraining order is one that is given quickly when there is imminent danger for the person getting the restraining order. In order for a temporary restraining order to be valid in the state of California, the person being restrained must be served with a notice of the restraining order. A private investigator has the skills required to serve papers in southern California, even if the person being restrained is tough to get a hold of.

A private investigator will also be able to provide surveillance services to help you prove that a restraining order or other court order has been violated. Visual evidence will go a long way in the courtroom, and in some cases may be conclusive evidence that shows that the restraining order was violated. A private investigator will also be able to complete an official report that you can submit in the courtroom.

A restraining order is a serious matter. Whether you need to serve a restraining order to someone or prove that a restraining order has been violated, hiring a private investigator is the smart choice.

Published on: 
March 13, 2020
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