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In the state of California, if you are pursuing legal action against a person or a company, you are required to give them a formal notice that the legal process has been initiated. In order to start the process, you must first file a claim or a law suit. This is called “service of process” or “serving papers.” Law states that a person initiating legal action is not allowed to be the process server. A server can be anyone over the age of 18 not officially involved in the case. However, there are a few reasons why you should hire a private investigator in Orange County to help you serve papers for your legal case.

The Challenge Of Serving Papers In California

In an ideal world, everyone who wanted to serve papers would have no trouble finding the person needing to be served. Unfortunately, there are some people that would rather duck out on getting served in order to try and avoid the repercussions of the legal system. If you are looking to serve papers to someone that does not want to be found, it can be extremely difficult. People will call out of work, move to a new home, or stop spending time at places they normally hang out at to avoid getting served papers.

This is where a private investigator in southern California will come in. A skilled private investigator is uniquely equipped to do everything possible to help get your papers served, no matter how evasive your target is. While there is no way for anyone to provide a 100 percent guarantee that papers will be served, licensed private investigators have a number of skills to increase the likelihood of successful process service. These skills include:

  • Surveillance services: Most people believe that they can serve papers by visiting someone at home or seeing them at work. Unfortunately, people that are hard to find will do everything they can to avoid being served. A private investigator can use creative tactics to scope out the target’s habits to make sure that they have the best chance of serving them where they can be found.
  • Discrete process serving: The problem with depending on a sheriff or law enforcement officer to serve your papers is that they will usually show up in marked cars while wearing an official uniform. A private investigator will be much less obvious when they are looking to serve papers to someone, giving you a better chance of actually getting these papers served.
  • Proper paperwork: In the state of California, the person that serves papers on your behalf needs to fill out a proof of service form that explains whom they served, when the service took place, where it took place, and how the papers were delivered. A private investigator can do this for you. This paperwork is integral to a successful case. If the proof of service form is not completed the right way, it could provide a judge with grounds to throw out your entire case.

If you have made the decision to take legal action against someone, you undoubtedly care about the result. Don’t gamble with the outcome of your lawsuit or legal motion by failing to serve papers properly to the person whom you are taking legal action against. Hire a knowledgeable, licensed private investigator with all of the skills necessary to help you serve these papers and set you up for a successful case in the courtroom.

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