Should I Hire a Private Investigator to Find Someone?

If you are trying to find someone, it goes without saying that the more information you have - the better. Unfortunately, in many cases there isn't a lot of information to work from and that is when trying to find someone can be a difficult, time consuming, and frustrating experience. Perhaps you are trying to find a biological relative you have lost touch with. Or maybe there is an old friend - or flame - who you wish you could regain contact with. Other times, the reasons are more prescient, such as needing to find a witness or to serve papers. While the internet can provide a certain amount of free information, there are certain circumstances when making the decision to hire a private investigator to find someone is the best option.

Hire a Los Angeles Private Investigator to Find Someone

Here's the thing, if you have landed on this site, you have most likely already tried the more obvious means of finding someone, such as searching Google and various search engines, Facebook, and other social networking sites. Once you have exhausted the traditional search options, trying to find someone online gets tricky - and can get very expensive. Many of the "people finding" sites will charge you money and spit out information that is outdated and inaccurate, which means you have to start all over.

Need to locate a witness? Are you trying to locate a witness for an important legal case? Why waste time with online search engines and/or unreliable people finding websites? If you need to locate a witness, an experienced private investigator will have access to professional databases which are reliable and unavailable to the general public. Plus, since finding people is mainstay of our business, we are able to suss out the good information from the bad in order to locate your witness as quickly as possible. We can work from social security numbers, old home or work addresses, and phone numbers.

Need to serve papers or serve a subpoena? Are you having problems serving papers or a subpoena to a suspicious and slippery individual? Private investigators can use a combination of investigative services, such as people finder technology and good old fashioned surveillance services in order to get your court papers into their hands in record time.

Need to Find Family Members? In most cases, our clients are trying to find family members who lost touch with the family due to a family feud of some kind and they are trying to located the individual in order to rebuild family tied. Other times, our clients are searching for biological relatives, such as a father, mother, or siblings. Either way, with the right information, a private investigator can take the details you have and begin working to find whether or not the individual is still alive, where they have worked or lived, and then begin to piece together a trail that leads us to their current location and/or phone number.

If you are tired and frustrated from your futile attempts to find someone, consider the benefits of hiring a private investigator to do the work for you. It may be more affordable than you think and the results are well worth it. Good luck with your search. We'll be here for you if you need further assistance.

Mike Garroutte is the owner of Linked Investigations. He has worked as a Los Angeles Private Investigator since 1982. If you need to find someone immediately, contact Linked Investigations. We are confident we can help.

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January 1, 2013
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