A Special Announcement From Linked Investigations Regarding COVID-19

We, at Linked Investigations, understand the concern and anxiety that many of us are feeling at an unprecedented time like this. We acknowledge that this is uncharted territory. We don't know how long or how far-reaching this pandemic will go before we are free of its threat. There have been great strides concerning treatment, including the introduction of home testing kits, and beginning FDA testing of hydroxychloroquine, an anti-malaria drug and arthritis treatment, and remdesivir, an experimental Ebola treatment.

At Linked Investigations, we want our cherished customers and new-coming clients to rest assured that we do not plan to close, nor will we stop working diligently to get results.

We excel at service and results and have no plans to slow down or stop as long as we are legally and physically able to provide top Private Investigative Service to our communities.

  • We are still providing daily surveillance.
  • We are still providing top-tier background investigations.
  • We are locating people every day.
  • We are conducting asset searches.

Ask us about any applicable investigative service you may need. We are here to help in these and all trying times.

Stay Safe!


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