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  • Are you tired of being cheated on?
  • Would you like to identify the Signs of a cheater?
  • Do you need to know how to catch a cheating spouse?
  • Should you catch a cheating spouse using a Private Investigator?
  • What's important to know about an affair? What's not?

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Cheating Spouse

If you have asked yourself "Is my wife having an affair? Or "Is my husband having an affair"? You must have some pretty good reasons for asking this and chances are, you are not imagining anything. You probably have a cheating spouse.

The difficult part is to identify the behavior of a cheating spouse and to separate facts from fantasy. To put this a little more into perspective, consider this; You have already caught your spouse cheating at one time in the relationship, perhaps before you were married or you have noticed behavior that is typical of someone who is cheating.

  • Has their behavior changed?
  • Are you noticing obvious signs something is wrong?

Maybe you aren't sure and need to learn more about it. We have created a special - Free downloadable report titled 12 Signs Your Partner Might be Cheating.

A woman called my office recently and said "I want to catch my cheating spouse". She sounded very adamant that she already knew she had a cheating husband. We talked for a while and covered many of the signs of a cheating spouse. In this woman's case, almost all of the signs of a cheating spouse fit her husband to a tee.

What seems odd is all of the other terrible things this woman told me that she had been putting up with, since before they were married. Apparently, their relationship was pretty nice in the very beginning but signs began to show early on. My soon-to-be client said she thought getting married would improve the relationship.

When they were engaged, her husband did at least two things that should have sent her away from him. This woman, like so many others we've met, chose to roll with it and see if things improved. They almost always get worse in situations such as hers. Most of us don't know this as it may only be our first or second time in a similar situation.

As a private investigator with tons of experience in Family Law matters, we can separate minor issues from serious problems almost every time.

We have been working with people who are going through relationship problems, providing crisis management in more severe times, including domestic violence and serious child abuse and child custody issues, for over thirty years.

After about ten minutes into the conversation, I suggested this woman may not need to hire a private investigator, but she could spend her hard earned money on a good Certified Family Law Attorney. I offered to provide her with a few great choices for local attorneys. She agreed and politely said she would appreciate a referral to an attorney, but she needed proof this time, of her husband's extra marital affair.

She said her cheating husband won't admit to the affair and he told her to "try and prove it". He told her she was stupid and paranoid and that he might as well have an affair because she is accusing him of it anyway. He told her she's crazy and she's driving them apart. Her cheating husband stood there in his condescending manner, as usual, and told her he was not seeing anyone else. He added, if our marriage fails it will be your fault. Wow! Emotional abuse can be stifling.

She continued to tell me, and I listened. She needed proof, not only to show to her cheating husband for her own satisfaction, but for their families and friends, because none of them took her seriously. She said she needed proof for their church and her therapist. She said of the two times her husband agreed to attend the therapy session; he conned the therapist and lied. Her husband refuses to attend any more sessions.

Well this all sounded very familiar to me, I have heard of these and similar experiences well over a thousand times from women and men alike that have come to me to catch a cheating spouse.

I told her that I understood her position and that I was confident we would be able to catch the cheater for her, and get proof. We told her we would get her video evidence and provide a detailed and accurate report.

We discussed the logistics of the job ahead and I assured her of better days to come, soon. We gave her some very important tasks to do in preparation of what was to come. We suggested what she should do and when, and as important, we explained what she should not do or say, and how she should act in the coming weeks.

  • Do you need intervention in a dangerous situation?
  • Is child custody an issue in your situation?
  • Are there on-going threats?
  • We can help you procure restraining orders and facilitate relocation.
  • Will you need us to provide testimony in court?
  • We know what works and what doesn't work.

Life is too short to worry about whether your spouse is cheating. If you have a cheating wife or a cheating husband, you need evidence to confirm your suspicions, confront your cheating spouse, and have proof for family and friends and to use in court, if necessary. Don't waste another day.

How to Catch a Cheater

The best way to catch a person who is cheating is almost always through using the time tested and proven methods of the best private investigator you can find. You be the judge. Consult with a couple licensed private investigators, sort the inexperienced claims of some, from the confidence inspiring preparedness of a few that know the field and can truly provide you with results.

  • You can do very well and avoid making mistakes.
  • Can you afford not knowing the truth or finding out the extent of the affair?
  • Isn't it worth researching to avoid hiring the wrong private investigator?

Check on the license status of any private investigator you are going to consider.

  • Ask him or her about their experience and when they got their state license to be a private investigator.
  • Request their address and P.I. license number.
  • Ask who will actually be doing the work for you, their name and license number.
  • Use this information and visit the state of California's website for the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services in Sacramento, Ca.

We have provided a direct link to the state's website for your convenience. If you have any trouble, contact us and we will help you. Our California State license number is PI 15568.

Thank you and good luck.

Mike Garroutte is a long-time licensed California private investigator and the owner of Linked Investigations in Costa Mesa, California. To call Mike Garroutte directly, call 714-432-9911. We offer a full suite of services for individuals, families and businesses.

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December 1, 2012
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