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To find someone, you can search the internet and social media services. You can access one or more of the many commercial on-line locate services and get enticed by their "teaser" listings of partial information that say there are a number of "hits" in the various listed areas for the person you are looking for. Sound promising? I think not.

You can search for a missing person using all of the endless paid services and websites that have inundated the internet and you can search until you are exhausted and discouraged.

You can Look everywhere, waste your time getting old employment, military, and relationship status information that you think will be helpful in your mission to locate a person, when in fact, you are focusing on the wrong information. Information that rarely helps in finding a person. You can do so much of the wrong stuff; you may never find the person you are searching for. You can lose interest because this all seems so impossible. Sound too overwhelming? It doesn't have to be. It can be relatively simple and straight forward. Finding someone today can even be fun.

Find Someone Today

You can do all of the things we mentioned above and spend good money in the wrong areas and get close, but still not find the person you are searching for. Most of the people that come to us have already done some or all of the things, mentioned above. They often find some information but they are not sure what, if any, information they found is even for the right person. This is what usually happens.

These people are usually too embarrassed to admit just how much money and time they have spent, time and money they have basically wasted, searching in both the right and wrong directions. Needless to say, they can become jaded and not very trusting by the time they find the real deal, an experienced and licensed private investigator that knows how to find people and find them quickly for a reasonable price.

Private Investigator

A private investigator finds people every day. Almost every day we have at least one conversation relative to locating someone. We can find a person in less time than it takes most people to drive to work in the morning. We know the right questions to ask you and which information is actually useful in most searches. We know where to look and which rocks to look under. A competent private investigator will get to the point and tell you right-off which information he or she needs from you to do the best job for you. Then he will listen to you and get the best sense of your situation, again, to assist the private investigator in their efforts to get you the best result.

We have our in-house computer systems that access proprietary data bases only available to Law Enforcement, Private Investigators and a limited number of professionals in our related industries. The information we access is not available to the public simply by paying discount information companies typically found on the internet. Most of the information of this nature found on-line is old, outdated and unconfirmed. The services typically charge a very low price at first, but return partial information, only to up-sell the customer to access more information. In the end, you've spent some money and realized few decent results.

If you want to find someone today and get it done right and for one fee the first time, contact a private investigation agency that's licensed in their state and has years of experience. You are welcome to call us at 877-464-5374 or email us directly at

Stop Searching for Someone and Find Them Today

Mike Garroutte is a private investigator licensed in the state of California. His license number is P.I. 15568. Mike has been working as a private investigator since 1982; Finding people for numerous reasons and contacting them directly when requested. Conducting surveillance, asset search, background check, and all civil and criminal investigations for over 31 years.

Make sure your private investigator is the real deal. Check them out on the internet first. Look for reviews and visit their state's own website for the office that regulates private investigators. For your convenience we have provided a link to California's Department of Consumer Affairs. Just click on the blue box below.

Remember, you will need the name of the private investigator or the name of his or her business. You can also check on the P.I. using his state issued license number. Ours is 15568.

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May 1, 2013
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