Legalizing Gay Divorce: what it means for gay husbands and wives

The first gay divorce is becoming finalized in Colorado, which is a big deal for gay husbands and wives around the country. While Colorado isn't the first state to grant divorces to gay couples, they are the only state that will dissolve gay marriages without a more complex set of requirements, many of which are nearly impossible to satisfy for gay husbands or gay wives who live out of state.

In many cases, couples who seek divorces in other states have to jump through a more complex series of legal hoops, often including establishing residency. This makes it difficult for gay couples who are legally married to gain the security and protection granted by traditional, straight, legal divorces. For gay couples who are married in other states, getting divorced can end up meaning not really being divorced at all but, rather, separating permanently and hoping that the other partner will respect whatever the non-legal terms of the separation may be. This can be scary when it comes to health insurance benefits, alimony, property titles, and retirement benefits, not to mention joint investments and bank accounts.

Private investigative services can be useful when seeking a gay divorce

The same services that help straight couples during a divorce can be used to assist gay couples in determining alimony, child support, and asset division. These include things like:

Surveillance services. If you are sure your spouse is lying about his/her employment status, we can use professional surveillance services to determe where and how often they are working, and then document this for the courts. We can also use surveillance services to determine whether your spouse's lifestyle or associates are a healthy influence on your children. If you feel your children's emotional or physical well-being are in jeopardy, we can use surveillance to prove that. It also comes in handy when documenting child custody court violations.

Asset Searches. Do you feel your spouse has hidden assets, bank accounts you aren't aware of, or other assets that may be in your interest to know about? We have encountered cases where one partner has refinanced the house without the other partner's knowledge, or purchased meals, hotels, and gifts for the object of their affair. If you are legally married, or have a domestic partnership agreement, you want to know exactly where you stand financially before you begin paying expensive legal fees. An asset search can provide a more comprehensive picture of your financial health.

Hire an Orange County Private Investigator Before Heading to Colorado

If you are thinking of heading to Colorado to begin the dissolution of a gay marriage, contact an Orange County Private Investigator before meeting with your divorce attorney. We can provide asset searches and background checks, both state- and nationwide. When you meet with your lawyer, armed with the information our investigative services can provide, you can save on unnecessary legal fees.

At Linked Investigations, we work to ensure our clients are as knowledgeable as possible, armed with the evidience they need, in order to ensure a swift and fair divorce. Contact us today.

Published on: 
August 1, 2013
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