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When you hear the term, "Think Global - Shop Local," you probably think more about giving your business to local clothing stores or supporting a local farmer. But private investigators are also just local business guys and gals, trying to make a living in our communities. When you're looking to hire a Newport Beach Private Investigator, it's worth it to hire one that is truly a local Licensed Private Investigator who lives in, works, knows, and understands the Newport Beach community.

These Top 10 Reasons to Support Locally Owned Businesses offer great reasons why keeping your business local is so beneficial to the community.  Even if you aren't shopping for physical goods, your local service industries benefit from your business as well.  It keeps us employed, which allows us employ others in the community. And your business keeps us here so that we spend the money we make to further benefit our local economy and community.

Hire a Newport Beach Private Investigator

There are several reasons you may want to hire a Newport Beach private investigator.  Whether you require corporate investigation services and/or surveillance services, a private investigator in Newport beach can get the information you need to move forward with your personal and professional decision making.

Corporate Investigation Services

Corporate investigation services can help a business tighten up loose ends and increase profit margins.  Worried that inventory is walking out the door?  Hire a private investigator.  Suspect that company secrets are being sold to a competitor?  A private investigator can help you prove it.  We can help you set up surveillance cameras to monitor employee behavior. Are high employee turnover rates effecting the company's bottom line?  A Newport Beach private investigator can provide pre-employment screening to assist you in hiring honest employees with a good employee track record.

Surveillance Services

If you need surveillance services in the Los Angeles, Orange County or Newport beach areas, a local private investigator is your best shot.  Surveillance Services can be used in a variety of circumstances.  Most people think of surveillance to catch a cheating spouse. But there are so many other situations in which surveillance can come in handy.

Is your ex-spouse lying about their employment status or the money they make? Surveillance services can help. Are you worried about the safety of a child when they are with their custodial parent? Surveillance services can either deliver the proof you need, or put your fears to rest. Suspect elder abuse? Professional surveillance services can often be the answer to help you confront the caregiver.

Complete Background Check

Many people underestimate the value of an accurate and complete background check. They are worth their weight in platinum when it comes to securing the safety of you, the people you love, and/or your private interests. A complete background check can be used as part of a pre-employment screening process, or to verify the application/resume of a potential nanny, elder caregiver, or a new house keeper.  Complete background checks are also beneficial when you are going through a custody battle or divorce, to ensure you children are not being exposed to dangerous people or harmful settings.  A Newport Beach private investigator can also run a complete background check before you get married or move in with a new partner.

Asset Search

There are many reasons why you may need asset search services. They can help to ensure that a potential defendant is worth your time and money in legal fees prior to litigation.  You can verify the credit history of a potential business partner.  They can be used in the divorce process or custody battles to prove that an ex-partner has more worth than they are indicating in the court room, which can help to increase alimony payments or child support.

Hire a Private Investigator Newport Beach When You Need Investigative Services

Linked Investigations has been a local private investigator in Newport Beach for more than 30 years.  Our Investigative Services can always be tailored to meet your needs.  We can work with your budget to get the results you need.  Contact us when you need a Newport Beach Private Investigator.

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September 27, 2012
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