The Benefits of Surveillance in Family Law Matters

Linked Investigations offers surveillance services to individuals embroiled in family law matters, disputes, or who suspect misconduct on the part of the other party. Surveillance is often able to highlight undisclosed information so that a further investigation can be conducted regarding assets or other matters. Additionally, surveillance provides a host of other benefits.

1.  Discovery of Extramarital Affairs

Many a roaming spouse has been discovered due to the surveillance of a private investigator. A P.I. can help to provide irrefutable photographic, video, or documented evidence of an extramarital affair. Additionally, they can help identify costs associated with the affair, such as travel expenses, hotel expenses, or luxury purchases.

2.  Discovery of Hidden Assets

While divorce is an emotional issue, it is also a financial one. Under California community property rules, each spouse is the equal owner of income earned during the marriage and all assets purchased with marital funds. Family law matters can be intense and confusing.

Some spouses attempt to cheat the other spouse out of their fair share of the marital estate by hiding or transferring assets before or during the divorce proceedings. The other spouse may own other property that he or she has not disclosed, or might be going to a different bank than the ones that he or she listed on divorce paperwork. Our experienced investigators can implement surveillance techniques to uncover these types of hidden assets.

California courts take fraudulent action during divorce, and other family law matters, very seriously. An asset not disclosed during the divorce proceedings may be awarded in its entirety to the other spouse (rather than being subject to the standard 50/50 community property rules). Circumstantial evidence obtained during surveillance may lead you to have an asset search or property records search conducted to confirm this information.

3.  Discovery of Hidden Income

Income from all sources must also be specifically listed during a divorce. Some spouses or partners may not disclose accurate information about their income because they are seeking to reduce the amount of child support or spousal support that they are ordered to pay. Surveillance can help highlight if someone is working or receiving additional unreported income.

4.  Discovery of Cohabitation

Some spouses immediately pair up with a new partner once separated. They may even move in together. Cohabitating with another person can have a dramatic impact on family law cases. For example, spousal support may not be ordered if the other spouse is now able to pay his or her bills with the help of a new partner.  It can also impact a child custody case if the court determines that the partner is not suitable, or if the relationship is not perceived as being in the best interests of the children.

Surveillance can help provide a documented record of when each party enters and leaves the residence. Our private investigators may also take photographs of the parties interacting together. In addition to our surveillance services, we also provide complete background checks and criminal record checks so that you can learn more about the person whom your spouse is allowing around your children.

5.  Uncovering Witnesses

Part of surveillance includes identifying individuals who may have important information about the family law case. Our discreet and professional private investigators can interview individuals who may be familiar with circumstances that you want to prove in court or present at mediation proceedings.

In some cases, a person you trust and consider a confidante may not be such a good friend after all. He or she may be secretly meeting with your spouse and revealing information that you considered private. Surveillance can help uncover the people your spouse or partner is communicating with so that you can determine if a friend may have violated your trust.

6.  Collecting Information for Child Custody

Surveillance can be beneficial in child custody proceedings, too. It can reveal if the other parent is abusing drugs or alcohol, or expose risky lifestyle activities and/or environmental risks associated with the parent’s household. Our criminal background check services can also be utilized to determine if the parent has been convicted of any crimes that may make him or her not suitable as the primary custodial parent.

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Published on: 
July 14, 2015
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