The Disney Sex Crime Sting: Know What Your Employees Are Doing

When most people think of Disney World, images come to mind of a friendly theme park for children filled with kids' favorite characters, fun rides, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Recent news reports about the Disney Sex Crime Sting, however, illustrate the sad truth about Disney World: it is a place where sexual predators can hide in plain sight, waiting for the opportunity to take advantage of children.

CNN reported on July 14 that since 2006, 35 Disney employees have been arrested for crimes like possession of child pornography or attempting to meet minors for sex. Police stings have uncovered child predators employed at Disney as security guards, tour guides and even costumed characters. These are serious crimes that tarnish the reputation of Disney and its employees, a situation that will undoubtedly have an impact on the company's sales. If you are looking to prevent your business from suffering the same type of fate, a private investigator can be extremely helpful.

How Private Investigative Services Can Find Criminal Employees Using Sex Offender Checks Like The The Disney Sex Crime Sting

From time to time, everyone can be deceived. Maybe someone applying for a job at your organization forged their references or omitted information about their criminal record on their job application. Perhaps you decided to give an ex-convict a second chance, trusting that they were reformed. Whatever the case may be, if you have a suspicion that some of your employees are up to no good, there is a solid chance that they might be.

A private investigator can help you avoid the embarrassment and negative hit to your reputation that can result from your employees being caught committing crimes. Some of the ways that a private investigator can assist in matters like these include :

  • Surveillance services: if you think that one or more of your employees is engaging in criminal activity while they are on the clock, you can hire a private investigator to track them and find out exactly where they are going when they are supposed to be working
  • A complete background check: although a background check will not prevent your employees from committing future crimes, it will at least give you insight about the criminal history of people working for you, which is often an indicator of future behavior
  • Legitimate corporate investigations: if you have an employee that is guilty of fraud, theft, or another type of crime, using illegal or malicious tactics to catch them could allow them to get away with these deeds. In the worst situations, improper investigation tactics could put you at risk of being sued. A skilled private investigator will know what can and cannot be done to catch employees suspected of wrongdoing

The Type Of Private Investigator You Need To Protect Your Business

To keep your organization safe from malicious employees, you must hire the right private investigator. It is crucial that you look for one that knows the law as it pertains to employee hiring and firing procedures. If you plan on building a legal case against employees that have wronged you, it is also crucial that your private investigator stays organized and has detailed records of employee activity, surveillance footage, and all other evidence that can be used in court.

Hire a Private Investigator to Run Sex Offender Checks on Your Employees or Personnel

Don't let your organization's reputation get tarnished by bad apples like Disney did. If you think any of your employees are breaking the law or behaving in a way that violates company policy, hire a capable private investigator with the skill and experience needed to catch these employees and prevent them from harming your company any more than they already have. Contact us at 714-432-9911 or email us at

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August 1, 2014
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