The Holiday Season and Secret Santas: When Cheaters Get Careless

Holidays are all about the family, at least according to the TV ads. The holiday season is also a prime time for infidelities to reveal themselves. When cheaters get careless they have to fit their complicated love lives around major holiday events, and this is when they slip up.

Suspicious spouses might find this a profitable time to conduct an investigation. Evidence of a partner's infidelity can be more overt immediately before or after a major holiday. Cheaters know they will spend the holidays with their families, but will often go to some lengths to contact their secret lovers too. Those looking to catch a cheater should be particularly alert around the holiday season. It pays to notice the telltale signs of a cheating spouse:

Sudden business trip? Consider Surveillance Services

Aware that they won't be spending time with their lover over the holidays, cheaters may arrange an illicit weekend away immediately before or after the break, under the guise of a last-minute business trip. In truth very little business gets done around the holiday period. Look for hotel and flight reservations, detailed itineraries or meeting schedules and, if they are not forthcoming, those suspicions merit further investigation. Surveillance services can help you determine whether your spouse is being honest about his or her whereabouts. Even a few hours of surveillance can give you all the information you need.

Not invited to the office party this year?

In the past, spouses might have been invited along to the company holiday or year-end party for a cocktail or two. This year, your partner tells you that "in lieu of continuing budget cuts, the party has been cut down, so it's employees only" or "you won't enjoy it, it will be all shop talk . . . " That might be true, or it might be an indication that your partner has a workplace fling underway and doesn't want the spouse cramping their style. This is another arena where surveillance services can be of assistance.

Mystery gifts? An asset search might help.

Do the pre-holiday season credit card statements show stores that are not your spouse's usual choice?  Are there receipts for items that were not part of your Christmas gift or cannot be easily explained?  And no, it's not customary for men to buy lingerie for their sisters, whatever they might tell you . . .If you aren't the one that normally handles the financial aspects of your relationship, this is the time to log in and peruse the bank account, savings account and any credit card histories to look for potential gift items or purchases that might be waiting under someone else's Christmas tree.

Has your spouse opened a line of credit you aren't aware of? Financial infidelity is often the easiest way to prove a spouse is cheating. We can use background searches and asset search services to see if your spouse has bank accounts or credit cards you don't even know exist. The items that turn up on your partner's credit report might shock you!

Get the facts: A cheating spouse investigator provides peace of mind

Part of the pain of infidelity is never being entirely certain. The suspicions may be mounting, but until you have clear evidence, it is always tempting to believe in an innocent explanation. Those wondering how to catch a cheater should consider professional investigation services. Surveillance operations around a holiday season can produce clear evidence of infidelity, allowing you some certainty about the relationship. Although the truth can be painful, most of the time our clients experience an extreme sense of relief and can finally have peace of mind that only accurate facts can provide.

Expert input from an Orange County private investigator

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November 1, 2013
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