The Right California Corporate Investigator Will Keep a Company Out of Trouble!

Know what happens when you hire a corporate investigator who uses dubious or illegal investigative services? The guilty party could be let off the hook, and your company can get in a great deal of trouble. It's imperative that you spend time researching private investigation firms before you get into contract with them. Always hire the right California corporate investigator. It always pays off in the end!

We were reminded of this fact when we read about a case in England. A 999 telephone dispatcher, Anthea Orchard was on disability. England's 999 system is similar to our 911 emergency response services. Her bosses were suspicious that Anthea wasn't being honest about her medical conditions, so they hired a corporate investigator to look into the matter.

The Wrong Corporate Investigator Will Cost You Money and Your Reputation

Her bosses suspected that she was running a business out of her home, while simultaneously receiving compensation via paid sick leave. They hired a corporate private investigator to discover the truth. This is a very common practice, and with good reason. Insurance Fraud costs billions of dollars, so its no wonder employers are wary. That being said, it's no excuse to use fraudulent practices, in order to nail fraudulent individuals.

In the case of Anthea, the West Yorkshire Fire Department decided to hire a private investigator to track her movements using a illegal GPS tracking device on her car. Prior to working with the Fire Department as a dispatcher, Anthea had a small at-home business. In addition to tracking her car, the private investigator would call Anthea, posing as a customer, trying to coerce her into work.

Fortunately for Anthea, she never took the bait, insisting that she couldn't work because she was currently on leave for an illness. Unfortunately, the private investigator used easily traceable phone numbers when he called, and Anthea was able to see that it was a P.I. who was calling her. Her neighbors alerted her to suspicious activity around her car, leading her to search for electronic surveillance equipment, which she found. While Anthea's was being honest, these same illegal practices might have jeopardized the fire department's case had she been guilty.

Use a Shady Corporate Investigator and You Can be Sued

Anthea did what anyone who was being illegally tracked and harassed by fake "customers" - she sued. The West Yorkshire Fire Department had to pay Anthea £11,000, the equivalent of about $17,000, in a settlement.

When you need corporate investigative services, you want to make sure you hire a professional, who is good at what he does and won't use illegal practices that can get you or your company into trouble. Make sure you ask all the right questions before hiring a private investigator. You want to have confidence that the corporate investigator you hire has plenty of experience in the investigative services you require. These can include :

  • Surveillance Services
  • Asset Searches
  • Complete Background Checks
  • National Criminal Background Checks
  • Pre-employment screening

Taking the time to find the right corporate private investigator will pay off in the long run in terms of quality work you can count on, and improved business efficiency.

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August 1, 2013
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