The Ultimate Deadbeat Dad: A Child Custody Investigator Can Help

People skipping out on child support is an unfortunately common problem in the United States. According to statistics from 2001, less than 45% of parents received the full amount of the child support that they were due. It is understandable for a parent to have a tough month or struggle to make a child support payment after facing a financial setback, but there is simply no excuse for the way that some parents blatantly avoid paying the child support that they are legally required to provide to their children. Raul Cardona, who was arrested recently at the posh Mountain Gate Country Club in Los Angeles, is one of those parents.

Child Custody Private Investigators and Child Support Enforcement

It all began in Milwaukee County back in 1994. In a divorce settlement, Cardona was ordered to pay $563 per month to his spouse. According to the New York Daily News, he made one child support payment of $424 in 1996. Since then, Cardona has created a new life for himself in Los Angeles, going by the alias Raul Rodriguez and starting up a business in Beverly Hills as a celebrity fitness trainer. Cardona was taken into custody by police in Los Angeles on August 5 and will be extradited back to Milwaukee soon, where he will face ten counts of felony failure to support a child. He owes nearly a quarter of a million dollars in child support.

Even if parents are not as spectacularly behind on their payments as Raul Cardona is, private investigators can still help people who are owed money from ex-husbands and ex-wives. A Beverly Hills private investigator could have helped Cardona's ex-spouse, just like they can help all kinds of clients in Beverly Hills, in a few important ways:

  • Background checks: as people who do not want to get found are prone to do, Cardona changed his name by adopting his middle name as his last name. Private investigators can offer background check services that can quickly catch people who try to hide themselves using this common tactic.
  • Surveillance services: Thanks to his business marketing efforts, Raul Cardona made it relatively easy for authorities to find him. Not every parent will make it that easy, which is where a private investigator in Los Angeles will be especially helpful. If there are particular places where delinquent parents like to hang out or an office where they work, a private investigator can conduct surveillance to monitor their activities. This is valuable for parents who are trying to track down their delinquent spouse so that they can attempt to collect the child support that they owe and can help to prove that a person is employed and/or earning more than they claim on legal paperwork and disclosures.
  • Conducting a California asset search. This is especially useful for parents who want to prove their spouse is financially capable of making payments, as Cardona seemed to be: he was arrested after driving up to the country club where he worked in a Mercedes-Benz. An asset search can reveal just how well someone has been living while they are skipping out on child support payments

Are you a frustrated parent who is owed child support payments but you do not know where your ex-spouse is or how to track them down? Call upon a knowledgeable private investigator to help you find them and bring them to justice so that you can give your children the upbringing that they deserve to have.

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November 12, 2014
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