Trick or Treater, Costumed Cheater: Watch Out for Cheating Alter-Egos. Orange County Private Investigator Services

Halloween provides the perfect excuse for people to participate in behaviors they might not in their normal day to day lives. This is especially true for cheaters. Costumes, make up, and sexy apparel abound, letting people go wild in their newly acquired alter-ego identities. If you suspect your partner might be cheating, Halloween might be the perfect opportunity to catch a cheating wife or husband in the act. Contact Orange County private investigator services.

Don't Fear the Truth - Use a Surveillance Investigator to catch a cheating spouse

After more than 30 years in the private investigation business, we have learned a few things...and then some. Most of the clients who hire a surveillance investigator to catch a cheating spouse have had suspicions for a long time. In the beginning, they believed their partner's adamant defenses that he or she wasn't cheating. In the middle, they wanted to believe their partner's adamant insistence that he or she wasn't cheating, and by the end, they just needed to find out already so they could make the necessary plans to get on with their lives.

Does that sound familiar? If so, Halloween may provide your chance. Is your partner headed to a party that you weren't invited to or she or he knew you coudn't come to? Is your partner headed to the bar with "friends" for the night? Odds are that a couple of costumes, a new identitiy for the night, and your absence will create the perfect cheaters' storm. This is the ideal opportunity to see if your suspicions are accurate. Look to Orange County private investigator services.

Your Cheating Spouse Suspicions will Undermine Your Relationship

Here's what we have found over time; when one partner suspects they have a cheating wife, or cheating husband, they begin to harbor resentment, hurt and, potentially, rage. These feelings will ultimately undermine the relationship, regardless of whether or not the cheating spouse suspicions are grounded in truth. This is one of the reasons why cheating spouse surveillance services can play such a critical role.

More often than not, it turns out that our clients' suspicsions were accurate and their partner is cheating on them. However, there have been situations where our repeated surveillance services have not shown any evidence of cheating, in which case the suspicious client was able to begin putting their fears to rest and restoring intimacy in the relationship again.

If you think your husband or wife is cheating on you, now is the time to find out the truth. Consider how a surveillance investigator can help you find out what's really going on so you can move on with your life. Your fear of the truth now can be transformed into regaining your personal power.

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Mike Garroutte is a licensed surveillance investigator and owner of Linked Investigations. He has used expert surveillance services as well as asset search services to uncover both physical and financially infidelity for his clients. Contact Linked Investigations today. 877-464-5374 or email us at

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October 1, 2013
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