Surprise! You're A Parent. Now what?

In our previous post, we discussed how hiring a private investigator can help your existing child custody situation. But what happens in situations regarding unplanned children or when paternity is called into question? What do you do then?

Discovered parenthood is usually tied to short-term or casual relationships. For example, you might find yourself pregnant between relationships. Or, an ex might claim that you are the father of their children or that you’ve fathered children outside of an existing relationship. In instances of discovered parenthood, we recommend getting a paternity test to confirm the identity of the father.  This can help you to avoid unnecessary heartache, confusion, and concern down the line.

If you are the parent, it’s important that you know your rights and responsibilities so that you can do what’s necessary and what’s best for you and for the child. We recommend that you seek representation from legal counsel. Many people—whether they plan to become parents or not—don’t know what steps to take when a situation like this arises.  Child custody cases aren’t always cut and dry. Contrary to popular belief, sole custody isn’t always awarded to the mom and you can’t always deny visitation rights or demand child support from an estranged parent that is suddenly present in your child’s life. It’s important to work with family law professionals who are knowledgeable and able to help you with your unique situation.

For example, if you find out that you are a parent, you may wish to have no involvement in the child’s life. In this instance, you may be able to give up parental rights. Many people who put their children up for adoption choose to do this. If you are in a blended family that includes children from a previous relationship, you may wish to adopt those children as your own.  Again, the right legal decision is dependent upon your situation.

If you find yourself in a child custody situation feel free to reach out to Linked Investigations. We are licensed private investigators with extensive experience with family law situations and have been helping clients since 1982.  Even if you just want to discuss your situation, feel free to reach out to us at 714-432-9911. We offer free, private, no obligation consultations. As a courtesy, we provide referrals to top, local attorneys that have been certified as Family Law specialists. We also are able to provide surveillance, background checks and other services, if needed.

Published on: 
July 6, 2020
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