Who's the January Jones in Your Boyfriend's Life? Catch a cheating boyfriend!

So the tabloids are up in arms about the most recent Hollywood split as the result of yet another suspected cheating boyfriend. Miley Cyrus has just split up with boyfriend Liam Hemsworth. The reason: she thinks he has been unfaithful, and it tired of dealing with all of the confusion and media press about his infidelities.

You don't need the paparazzi to catch a cheating boyfriend

According to the famous Hollywood gossip site, The Examiner, Infidelity Caused Miley Cyrus to Kick Liam Hemsworth to the Curb. Back in January, rumor had it that Liam was "sexting" co-star January Jones in addition to spending time with her after an Oscar's party back in January. Continued rumors have linked him with Ashley Greene, as well as an unidentified woman at the Toronto Film Festival. But, paparazzi photos can't always be trusted; a private investigator's pictures can.

If you suspect your boyfriend, husband, or significant other is cheating, it might be time to call in the professionals so you can decide what to do next. Suspicions are one thing, but they can also lead to endless arguments, denials, and conversations that go in circles. It can be hard to tell what is really going on. A surveillance investigator can get the evidence you need to catch a cheating boyfriend.

Not Sure if you Recognized the Signs of a Cheater?

In most cases, the signs of a cheating partner are very similar. First, there can be a very specific, gut feeling that something isn't quite right. Then there is the evidence to support that feeling, including:

  • A newfound possessiveness over the cell phone
  • Leaving the room to take calls or answer texts
  • Deleting text message history
  • Changed passwords on computer and online accounts
  • An increased obsession with physical looks, or the gym, that seems out of character
  • Increased business trips
  • Errands that seem to take significantly longer than they should
  • Unexplained absences around holidays or a birthday

If you suspect a cheating boyfriend, and these signs seem familiar, you may want to talk with an experienced cheating spouse investigator to determine a plan of action.

Don't let the January Jones in your boyfriend's life get the upper hand. Get the evidence you need and then you'll have control of the situation. Contact an experienced cheating spouse investigator today.

Mike Garroutte, owner of Linked Investigations, has worked as a licensed private investigator in Los Angeles and Orange County for more than 30 years. Contact us for a free consultation. We can let you know the best course of action for your needs and budget. Call 877-464-5374 or email us - info@linkedinvestigations.com

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September 1, 2013
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