Who was your cheating spouse making fireworks with last night?

Suspect your cheating spouse was making fireworks with someone else last night? Then maybe it's time to finally take action and determine the truth once and for all. An experienced Orange County private investigator can help you uncover the truth so you can spend next July 4th watching a stress-free firework show.

Where was your significant other when you were watching the fireworks last night? If your partner is exhibiting signs of a cheating spouse, last night might have been a sure indicator. Holidays can be the clincher when it comes to cheating spouse suspicions because the person they're cheating with might be more demanding of their presence. If you are tired of hearing the excuses regarding late work nights, unexpected business trips, or the need to "get out of the house," it might be time to hire a private investigator and find out what is going on after all.

Hire an Orange County Private Investigator to catch a cheating spouse

If you think your spouse was making fireworks with someone else last night, while you were holding down the fort with friends and family, an Orange County private investigator can use surveillance services and other investigative techniques to help you catch a cheater in action.

Here are some of the signs your husband or wife might be cheating. Recognize any of these from last night?

Last minute work obligations. You had such fun plans for the July 4th weekend. Your spouse works so hard and you thought this four-day weekend would be just what you needed to rekindle your own fireworks and spend some quality time. All of sudden, s/he takes a call and it turns out a last minute work thing has come up and his/her presence is required to put out a fire, pacify an unhappy client, take an overseas conference call, and/or    fill-in-the-blank   .

Sound familiar? The chances of a last-minute work "thing" popping up on the Fourth of July is pretty darn slim. Even other countries respect our national holiday. If you already have your suspicions, we think this one could seal the deal.

I have a headache. You are just getting ready to load the kids up, and/or meet some friends, for the local firework show. All of a sudden, your spouse bows out saying s/he has a headache and can't imagine dealing with the traffic, the crowds, and the loud explosions. You offer to just skip the fireworks this year but s/he insists! Don't waste YOUR opportunity to have a good time just because s/he isn't feeling well. So you leave, and go to the fireworks, and all the while your gut is churning because something doesn't seem right.

Did something like this happen to you? Contact an Orange County private investigator for a free consultation to discuss your suspicions. We can listen to your story and tell you how we think you should proceed in order to put your fears to rest.

The phone sure was busy. Boy was your spouse's phone busy on the Fourth of July. The texts were coming in like crazy. Clients were calling even though it was a holiday and for a brief minute, s/he even had to slip away from the neighbor's BBQ for an hour or so to grab some paperwork s/he left at the office. Even though it seems like s/he steps away quite a bit to handle the calls and texts, you figure it's just because the noise and the chaos makes it hard for him/her to concentrate.

In most cases, honest spouses can handle the occasional phone call or text without having to leave your presence. If you have noticed that s/he is guarding the phone more frequently than normal, has changed the password so you can't have access anymore, or seems to delete the voice mails and texts more religiously than ever before, you may have a cheater on your hands.

Make some fireworks of your own by taking action and catch your cheating spouse!

Don't let your life be determined by the whims of a suspected cheater. Take action now and find out what is going on. Hire an experienced private investigator who can help you create a plan, uncover the truth, and assist you in moving forward with your life. The sooner you act, the sooner you can enjoy the fireworks next July 4th!

Mike Garroutte, owner of Linked Investigations,  is a licensed Orange County Private Investigator. He has worked to successfully uncover cheating spouse evidence for more than 30 years. The information provided by his investigative services allow his clients to make a decision about how they want to proceed. Suspect your spouse is cheating? Contact us and take control of your life again.

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July 1, 2013
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