Why Hire A Private Investigator For An Advanced Background Check?

Because the accuracy of your background checks matters!

Times are tough for many companies and individuals in today's economy. Budgets are shrinking and spending is not what it used to be. If you need a complete background check for personal or professional reasons, you might be thinking about how you can get the best possible deal on this kind of service. However, it is important that price is not the main factor that you use in determining where you go for a crucial service like a background check.

Some people might decide to use a background check service to quickly access information about someone without paying a huge fee. These people might be attracted to an advanced background check service because of the low price and promise of getting results. Unfortunately, these services are usually inferior to getting a background check from a private investigator.

The Problems With Free and Low-Cost Background Check Services

Some low cost background check companies market their services towards potential customers that are looking for detailed information. These service providers claim to offer quick background checks at a reasonable price, perfect for companies that want to get information about people they're thinking about hiring as nanny's or caretakers, or for individuals that want to learn more about people in their lives. However, there are a few big problems with these services that should make you think twice about using them:

  • Details and interpretation: most of the time, background check services provide you with the bare details of a person's record and do not delve deeply into what these records might represent. You will be left to draw your own conclusions about the result of the background check. Linked Investigations makes sure our clients understand the results we provide and we're happy to provide detailed explanations and recommendations based on the information we turn up.
  • Customer service: if you have a problem with a background check that you get from one of these services, it may be difficult for you to get in touch with a person that can help. These companies usually provide minimal customer service as a way to keep their overhead down so that they can provide low-cost background checks to their clients. When you order an advanced background from Linked Investigations, you receive completely personalized service and get to speak with an experienced and licensed private investigator.
  • Upselling: if you decide to only purchase a limited background check package, you might be subject to a variety of upselling tactics that your provider uses to try to get more money from you. These organizations might try to sell you services that you do not need, and they may continue to contact you after they finish working for you to try to solicit more business. Our advanced background check services include ZERO hidden fees or surprise charges. You always know exactly what you are paying for the level of detail you want to receive.

The Private Investigator Difference

A private investigator will help you get a thorough background check in a timely manner. Unlike impersonal background check services, a private investigator works closely with clients and keeps them in the loop at all times. Private investigators will not only provide background check services to their clients, they will also help them interpret the results of a background check and provide their opinion regarding the person whose record is being investigated if requested.

Whether you are an employer that is thinking about bringing on a new staff member, a parent that is looking to hire a caregiver for children, or a divorcee who wants to find out about the people that your ex-spouse is associating with, a background check can be a very valuable service. Don't gamble with the results of your background check just to save a few dollars: hire a knowledgeable private investigator to make sure that you receive dependable results from your background check in a timely fashion.

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September 5, 2014
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