Why Proof of a Gay Husband or Lesbian Wife is So Important: Straight Wives Talk Show

Gay Husband Lesbian Wife: Every couple of months, Mike Garroutte, owner of Linked Investigations, speaks with Bonnie Kaye on her Straight Wives Talk Show. Ms. Kaye is a relationship therapist and an expert on gay husbands and the trials and tribulations of the women who have lived with them.

This week, Mike and Bonnie discussed key issues regarding what women with gay husbands should do to prepare themselves, and ensure their potential divorce and child custody case will go in the right direction.

Here were some of the highlights from the show:

  1. Never fear the truth. The truth is already happening. Your husband is gay, or he is not. You worrying about it won't change it either way. However, knowing the truth puts the ball back in your court, and gives you the power to make the best decisions for yourself and your family.
  2. Leverage is power. In some cases, the concrete evidence you are able to obtain via surveillance services, background checks, or asset searches will serve as leverage to get your spouse to "play nice." Just because you have evidence, doesn't mean it needs to be used in court. However, if your spouse tries to play dirty, deny your accusations, or act sanctimonious in court, your evidence will work in your favor. The truth may hurt his personal and/or professional reputation, which can help to ensure his cooperation.
  3. Avoid confrontations. It's so hard to avoid confrontation when we are angry or hurt. However, when a man or woman is living an undercover lifestyle, and that lifestyle is uncovered with evidence, they can become violent and potentially dangerous. Try to be as business-like as possible as you navigate your future and always call the authorities if you are fearful for your well-being of yourself or your children. Never let your spouse know your plans, or share your divorce/child custody strategies with him. You need to maintain the upper hand.
  4. Request that your spouse cover your legal fees. While it's not your spouse's fault that he is gay, it is certainly his fault that he covered it up and married you, dragging you and your children's lives into the mix. Therefore, the divorce is 100% his responsibility, and your attorney should fight for 100% of your legal fees to be paid for by him.
  5. Keep track of court order violations. Once the divorce and child custody proceedings are over, you may still require the assistance of a private investigator. Court order violations are a serious offense and a private investigator can help you prove them. Examples include :
    • First rights of refusal. If you have the first right of refusal when it's your spouse's turn to have the kids, and he's using a nanny, relative, or baby sitter to watch them while he works, plays, or parties, we can use surveillance to bust it.
    • Drinking/drugs. If alcohol or drugs were an issue there could be strict court orders regarding his behavior while he has physical custody of the kids. If you feel he's violating them, we can investigate.
    • Are significant others staying the night? You can have it court ordered that significant others can not spend the night when the kids are present. If the kids report that a boyfriend spent the night, we can catch it on tape and your lawyer can use it as evidence.

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Published on: 
October 1, 2013
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