Worried About a Loved one? Hire a PI to Do a Welfare Check For You

Welfare checks are one of the lesser known services that private investigators can provide. From checking on elders who live on their own, to locating and verifying the well-being of runaway children or homeless relatives, we're often the best and safest choice in situations where uniformed or authoritarian figures may be met with resistance.

Plus, experienced private investigators have the ability and know-how to find family members or locate loved ones that may have dropped off the radar at some point in the past.

Hire a private investigator to perform a welfare check

Here are some examples of how our welfare check services can be used to provide a professional report, shedding light on our findings and either confirming your suspicions - or putting your fears to rest - about the people you love.

Check on an aging loved one. When seniors choose to age in place, they are often dependent on the services of honest and reliable caregivers. If you live far away, it can be impossible to physically check in on your parents or grandparents on a regular basis. Unfortunately, this can also leave them susceptible to the predatory criminals that intentionally target seniors. The most successful tactic in order to get away with physical, emotional, or financial elder abuse is to slowly isolate the senior from their loved ones by making up lies and stories, and taking advantage of the senior's diminished mental faculties as the result of dementia or Alzheimer's. If you have had a hard time getting in contact with your aging loved one, we can check in on them for you and report our findings.

Locate a runaway. If a member of your family has runaway, we can use our investigative services to track the individual down and report back on their current living situation as well as their well-being. This can help to inspire an intervention, or to reunite the family in best case scenarios. If nothing else, it will keep you informed on how they are doing.

Get a report on a loved one. In some cases, addiction and/or mental illness causes an individual to move away and cut ties with their loved ones, refusing to take calls or accept visits. This can be devastating for parents, children, or siblings who love them and want to know how they are doing. We can find out where they live and discreetly check in. We can use surveillance services to take pictures or videos so you can see how they are doing for yourself. We can also extend the olive branch for you if that is of interest, and help to put you back in contact.

Worried about your child's visitation with the other parent or guardian? If you worry about your child's well-being when he or she is visiting the non-custodial parent, we can use surveillance services to verify the conditions in which they are living, the activities that take place in the house where they are staying, or to see if we notice any illegal or unethical activities or behaviors taking place in their presence. In addition to knowing what is happening for your child, the information we receive can be used in court to help you alter your child custody or visitation parameters.

A professional welfare check can be a valuable tool to get important information about your loved one's well-being and to provide peace of mind.

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Mike Garroutte, owner of Linked Investigations, is a licensed Los Angeles private investigator. He has located missing persons and provided welfare checks for their family members and loved ones since 1982. Please contact us to learn more about how we can be of service to you. 1-877-464-5374. Or email us at info@linkedinvestigations.com

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January 1, 2014
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