Worried About Employee Theft? A Corporate Private Investigator Can Help.

Embezzlement In Indiana: How A County Employee Made Off With Thousands

Kimberly Morgan, a native of Kokomo, Indiana, was a ten-year employee at the Howard County Convention Visitor's Bureau who at first was just another part of the office. In January, however, Morgan was fired from her job at the CVB after an internal audit revealed that she had been embezzling funds using a credit card belonging to the CVB.

Between 2012 and 2014, Morgan allegedly used a credit card owned by the Howard County Convention Visitor's Bureau to steal over $18,000 of the government agency's funds. Morgan had the funds deposited in her personal bank account. She is now facing seven charges of felony theft and will stand trial on December 23. Cases like these involving employee theft can be very damaging to a business, yet they are sadly very common.

Employee Theft: A Serious Issue In Every Industry

In a report last year in Business News Daily, a study conducted by loss prevention consulting company Jack L. Hayes International showed that in retail, the number of dishonest employees and the amount of money stolen by these employees had both gone up from 2011 to 2012.

Retail is not the only industry impacted by fraud: corporate fraud can be just as costly. According to Forbes, the average cost of disclosed Fraud is 22 percent of enterprise value, which means that the actual cost of fraud could be much higher. Whether you are a large retail corporation or a small business, fraud can have a devastating impact on your company. One of the best answers to the problem of employee fraud and theft is hiring a private investigator to look into these matters.

Private Investigators: Helping To Stop Employee Theft

Private investigators can take several steps to help business owners and managers identify theft that is going on within their business. Some of the steps that a private investigator can take to stop fraud include :

  • Surveillance services: if you believe that someone on your team has been going to illicit meetings or simply doing things they are not supposed to be doing while on the clock, surveillance services from a private investigator will be very valuable. Surveillance evidence can prove whether or not your employees are up to no good
  • A complete background check: if you think that one or more of your employees are stealing from you, a background check is an excellent way to tell. While a background check may not clue you in to exactly what an employee is doing at the moment, it will give you some insight into their history which will help you tell how likely it is that they are committing crimes against you. We've been shocked at how many businesses that skip this critical employee screening step have hired employees who have a criminal record related to previous employment situations.
  • Interview services: if fraud is taking place in your company, it is likely that someone knows about it or has at least heard about it. An interview with a private investigator will help you find important details without the type of pressure or intimidation that is sometimes used by law enforcement agents

If any of your employees have been acting suspiciously, behaving in ways they normally do not, or doing anything else to make you believe that theft is happening in your workplace, it is important to find the help necessary to learn about fraud or theft. In some cases, such as Kimberly Morgan's, theft can go on for years undetected.

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September 25, 2014
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