Would You Have Used the Boyfriend Tracker App to Catch a Cheater?

On the hit show "Cheaters," Clark James Gables uses private detectives to help suspecting spouses and significant others catch estranged partners with their hand in the cookie jar. Since everyone doesn't have the luxury of being featured on Cheaters, the Boyfriend Tracker App seemingly simulated the services of an stealthy private investigator. However, the app was determined to have crossed the lines of personal privacy, and has since been removed from Google's Play Store.

Hire an Orange County Private Investigator Now That the Boyfriend Tracker App is Off the Market

The Smartphone Boyfriend Tracker App acted like a spying device, transmitting information from the pocket of the suspected cheater. With the ability to receive updates on your partner's location, copies of text messages, and other information, the Boyfriend Tracker App was almost as good as hiring an Orange County private investigator. Where most alerts can be denied away, pictures and photo evidence never lies! The app even included a function that forced the target's phone to "pocket dial," or silently call your phone, so you could secretly listen in on conversations. However, due to serious security concerns, Google has removed the app from its Play Store.

With clear privacy violations, the Boyfriend Tracker App did manage to offer any suspecting significant other a substantial amount of proof of infidelity. While these types of apps may not be available anymore (for now!) the better, and more ethical services of an Orange County private investigator effectively offers more than the app could begin to provide.

Discreet Surveillance Services from an Orange County Private Investigator

One of the best benefits of choosing an O.C. private investigator is the high level of professional service that you receive. Throughout the discreet surveillance, you will receive regular updates via verbal or electronic communication. While ensuring fidelity is among the top reasons for using a private investigator, a growing number of people use private investigators to monitor their lawyers, a child's caretaker, businesses, or practically anyone else that you are required to trust.

Simply put, trust is one of the most valuable attributes you can offer someone. When this trust is betrayed, you are left feeling robbed, which is a feeling that no one wants to afford. If you see smoke, there is more than likely a fire, and the undoubted need for the professional services of an experienced and discreet private investigator.

Would you consider using the Boyfriend Tracker App to catch your cheating spouse? We would love to hear your thoughts on whether or not you feel the app was ethical.

In the meantime, if you notice signs of a cheating boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, and would like to find out the truth, contact Linked Investigations. Our surveillance services are the ultimate Boyfriend tracker, and we can help to catch a cheater in the act and deliver the evidence you need to receive peace of mind. Contact us today!

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August 1, 2013
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