Write a Book to Find Family Members. It worked for Cheryl Strayed.

In an amazing, one-in-a-million-chance sort of event, writer Cheryl Strayed ended up connecting with a half-sister she didn't know she had. How did she do it? She wrote a book, Wild, about a 1000+ hiking adventure along the Pacific Crest Trail. Strayed didn't name her father in the book, but her half-sister, not a hiker herself, who felt compelled to read the book, recognized him based on Strayed's description You can read more about this amazing coincidence in this  a recent NPR report. It's a storybook-like tale inspired by, well... a book. Maybe you can write a book too.

Unfortunately, the chances of most people writing a NY Times Bestseller, and finding family members based on happenstance is not very likely. That's where the services of a licensed private investigator come in..

Meanwhile, Back in the Real World: "Find my Mother" & "Find my Father" are common search terms.

Most people trying to find find family members, have the far more mundane experience of chasing search engine results endlessly. It can be a frustrating experience, never quite finding more than a detail or two, none of which brings you any closer to the elusive goal of actually finding the person you're looking for. The NPR story touched a lot of people, judging from the comment section. Families, it seems, often start out trying to keep their secrets under wraps, but times have changed. The internet and social media craze have lead many to try to find family members and reconnect.

Sensitive Secrets, Lives Drifted Apart: Use a Professional to Find Relatives

Not so long ago, young women were often pressured to give babies born out-of-wedlock up for adoption. Many married and had other children, those firstborns never forgotten, the secret hope of someday carried through the years. Family feuds, acrimonious divorces, and sometimes just an almost imperceptible drifting away, until one day you realize it's been years ? families come apart in so many ways. It can be hard to know how to even begin to find someone if Google fails.

A California Private Investigator Can Make A Difference

Searches for people trying to find family members often require a special touch, a sensitive, discrete professional that can be trusted with what is often a delicate personal matter. Mike Garroutte, owner of Linked Investigations and a licensed California private investigator, has decades of experience. He has a sterling reputation, for both his efficient results and his ability to manage sensitive situations. If there's someone you've been hoping to find, call 877-464-5374. Mike Garroutte can help.

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September 1, 2013
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