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Think Your Privacy is Gone? Ask The Private Investigator

Today, whether through your smart phone, your desk top computer, lap top or tablet computer, you are being spied on and monitored. Have you downloaded any applications or (apps) to your phone. Virtually all of them require full and complete access to all of your contacts and your location through your phone's location services or GPS, among other things. If you don't agree to this then you don't get the app. So you must rely on the integrity of the entity providing the app. Problem is even the most reputable companies have been known to have major problems with identification theft or miss-handling of customer information. The plain fact is your information has value to many different people for several different reasons.

Software is now available all over the internet for sale, to allow John Q. Public the ability to spy on your texts, emails, website history, phone conversations and other would-be, should-be private behaviors. The technology is not necessarily new. It is improved, common and everywhere though.

Should I Pay For Professional Electronic Eavesdropping detection?

Chances are you are not being electronically monitored by a device hidden in your home. However, if you feel electronic devices have been installed in your home or car, professional eavesdropping detection may help to put your mind at ease. We have conducted numerous debugging or electronic eavesdropping searches for clients over the last thirty years with only a very few having actual listening or video devices in their homes, cars and/or offices, at the time the search was conducted.

Remember, it is illegal in most cases for someone to spy on you in this way. It is not usually easy to prove who installed the device though.

Generally these devices are used in personal relationship matters, business disputes or for corporate espionage.

Law enforcement agencies; local police, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF), National Security Agency (NSA), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), The Department of Justice (DOJ) and probably a hundred other publicly disclosed and undisclosed agencies, offices and programs also use this technology as needed.

Take a look at this Fox news story about the government monitoring your car's location;

In most cases, bugs or listening devices and other types of monitoring equipment are not too difficult to find. Even the more sophisticated devices are discoverable, and the most sophisticated devices are locatable provided the person conducting the search knows what he or she is doing and they are using real, and advanced, and very expensive, equipment.

The inexpensive equipment sold to the public is usually a waste of time and money. I can explain this in greater detail if you like.

You can conduct a good visual search yourself without getting too micro-concerned. In the real world of listening devices, people often use digital micro dictation recorders, and going smaller, use devices that are typically the size of a bullion soup cube. Those devices will most likely have a thin wire attached that serves as the device's antenna.

If wireless, they require a small hearing-aid style battery for power. If they are hard-wired, the listening device or camera is connected to a permanent or semi-permanent power source such as your home or office alternating current (A/C) power in a wall or ceiling.

In your vehicle, listening devices can also have their own little battery power source, or they can be connected by a wire to the vehicle's battery or (D/C) power source. Most people discover these hidden under the seat, in the seat-back pocket, in the glove box and under the dash. Government agencies and private professionals like to place them more effectively in the headliner, roof or A, B or C pillars, or in the dash somewhere that is pointed in the direction of the conversation or activity. The quality of the recorded results is much better.

The image on the left is a GPS tracking device, extended life battery pack and case that was removed from a vehicle.

Again, this device is small but has been accompanied by a long life battery pack and stored in a weather proof plastic case that has a large magnet on one side of the case's exterior. This is a typical application that can be very easily and quickly installed and removed for charging. This unit takes less than 15 seconds to place under your car where it goes undetected. The person monitoring your vehicle's location has only to log-in to a program that allows them to see your vehicle's location among other things. To give you an idea of the unit's size, note that the image was taken on a car seat. If the person or persons spying on you don't mind removing the tracking device every two or three days, they don't need the battery pack or the case. This makes the device much more difficult for the average person to find.

Wireless and hard-wired listening devices have to be in a place that is close to the conversation being listened to. Depending on the type of device being used they may only record, or they may transmit a wireless signal to a receiving unit some distance away, usually not more than a few hundred feet. Think of it as being like a little one-way walkie-talkie radio. The

receiving unit can be a computer, a radio, an audio/video recording device (VCR) or nowadays a digital recording device or (DVR). Keep in mind that as technology continues to advance, these types of devices continue to get better and smaller.

Anyone who is using covert equipment like this has to have some access to the place the device is being used, i.e. they need to get in your home or car or office, to place the device, check the recorded information and to replace any battery used for most devices. It is important to remember this. The same logic often applies to installing spyware on computers although it is becoming much easier to accomplish this remotely.

Recording equipment used to support listening devices and micro cameras is now also extremely small. Now the devices are portable and have the camera and or the audio transmitter as well as the receiver or recording memory chip, flash drive or card all in the same little covert device. They have their own little battery too.

It is easy to purchase ready-made covert audio and video accessories like ink pens, key fob chains, sunglasses, clothing buttons and wrist watches, just to name a few. Anything can be made.

These secret listening devices and hidden cameras are also sold pre-installed in all types of daily household items like fire alarms, fire sprinklers, wall outlets, wall clocks, clock radios, pictures, appliances, etc. Government issued devices are creative and often built-in to custom applications. Small cameras are used in basically the same way as listening devices and are the size of a small pencil eraser at their smallest.

Most all devices used in most all regular-life situations can be found just by a thorough visual search. Sometimes the visual search may be too difficult or otherwise impractical and you need to resort to an electronic sweep by a professional with good equipment. Most people who conduct electronic searches for clients, do not know what they are doing and do not possess the right equipment. We know what we are doing.

If you cannot find a device on your own and have a concern that you are being secretly monitored, followed or eavesdropped on, we can have a professional go to your location and conduct an electronic eavesdropping detection sweep of your home, your vehicles and/or business. We can also conduct counter surveillance to determine who, if anyone is following you.

I hope you have found this helpful.

Mike Garroutte
Linked Investigations

Linked Investigations is a private investigation company located in Costa Mesa, California. Mike Garroutte has been a private investigator since the early 1980's and serves a distinguished clientele nationally and abroad. To contact Mike by telephone you can reach him directly at 714-432-9911 or send an email to

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July 1, 2013
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