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Asset Search Investigation

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Of course the time to do a basic asset search is in the beginning, before the beginning actually.

Asset searches aren't always used to find hidden assets. Believe it or not, an asset investigation can be very important for you to find negative information about a person's assets, or lack of assets. Check out this information you should know.

A good basic asset search will uncover more than property, businesses, professional licenses, aircraft, boats, vehicles, fictitious business name filings, and department of corporation filings, address history and numerous other areas that may be of strong interest. Many on-line search services can only provide you with outdated and inaccurate information though.

While these are positive assets you need to know about, I would like to take a cautionary theme here and explain some of the more dangerous warning signs you must also uncover.

Remember to confirm what someone has been selling you figuratively, or to discover whether someone has any assets worth pursuing.

Another very valuable tool that is available to our clients is the complete background check. This article is focusing on the asset searches we provide but they are closely related to our background check. If you think you may need to conduct a background check on someone you can scroll down to the bottom of the article and I will mention this again and provide a link to some of our background search information.

In addition to getting the most current and accurate property information, consider the red flags we can discover in a good asset search?

Before you get involved in a personal or business relationship that could create legal or financial exposure, you need to have a complete, basic asset search conducted by a firm that knows how to conduct the best asset investigation.

If you are already familiar with the benefits of asset search investigation and need to save money and time while getting what's important, or if you need an advanced asset search to locate bank records and investment accounts, look me up.

If you aren't sure of the benefits in hiring a competent private investigator to find everything of record that's available on an individual or a company, you are not alone. Please read on.

Asset Check

There is no need to go to great expense but a good accurate asset check can save you much grief, a lot of money and much wasted time. Having a confidential asset search conducted on someone else, which includes areas of interest that can impact you, helps to protect you and your own assets. I think you will agree with me on the benefits of checking early-on rather than later, when possible.

Again, depending on the relationship and what you believe, or more importantly, what you are being led to believe, you must consider an asset check to protect your interests.

You can be sure that some of the smartest and more experienced decision makers, who are going to consider taking a risk with you in business and in your personal life, will order their own asset investigation. They don't have to tell you and they usually never disclose the information they have discovered. This is what we recommend.

Asset searches are becoming more common place with the ability of professionals to access very good information through on-line search services. Though they are not all the same, not even close, companies that you have access to via the internet are capable of providing a wealth of information. Some of these companies are more reliable than others.

In almost all cases, you can legally purchase information through legal means, using licensed private investigators. This leaves no trail, is smart to do and is confidential.

Here, in part 1 of this article we touch on just a couple of examples of why to hire a private investigator for an asset search. These reasons still apply in other areas of life, providing additional benefits you will soon understand more completely.

  1. Law Suits and judgments:

The right basic asset search will give you a heads up from both sides of the fence. Please consider these important points.

  • You will learn whether the subject has judgments against them. If you are diligent in the front end, you will see whether the person or company has civil judgments against them from previous law suits they were involved in. Remember, if they already owe money to others under these circumstances they may have financial problems and if you are considering legal action against them, others with judgments are already in line ahead of you. This doesn't mean you should let them off the hook, they might be counting on it, but you may not be able to get your money. Judgments expire in time but are renewable so you can follow them indefinitely, with little effort.
  • You will learn whether the subject has sued others and has judgments against others, when they themselves were the plaintiff.

Why is this important to you? You need to know if this person, these people or this company, has been involved in litigation and how many times. Whether they have a history of suing others or of being sued as a result of dishonesty, an over aggressive nature or bad business practices.

  • How many successful business people don't give a second thought to running a complete asset search?

Often, someone of means or position hires the private investigator for an asset check themselves. They either don't want to rely on others to request the search or prefer no one else know they collaborate with a professional private investigation company, as needed. We encourage this.

We generally recommend you keep the relationship with your investigator, private. In some environments this is not possible because you may need to get approval for funds or information from other principals or management in a company, or from family members.

We stress caution though and suggest you involve as few people as possible when conducting most any type of investigation. I will be happy to go into this with you should you contact me directly.

Still, many successful people rely on a member of their competent staff, who understands the value of having an asset check done before their principal involves themself or their company in a business relationship. Some of these clients also check on personal relationships at the request of their principal.

2. Tax Liens:

Most of the good basic asset searches available to consumers will also include information relative to Federal and State tax liens. This can be very important for you to see, again, for different reasons.

  • Has the subject had several tax liens in the past? Were the tax liens released and how much money was owed?
  • Does the subject currently owe money in unpaid taxes with tax liens and levies waiting to be mailed to you if you are doing business with the person?
  • If the IRS or the state has a tax lien or liens against someone and you are considering litigation with that person or company, you may want to reconsider. Why? Because even when and if you obtain a judgment against them you will have to get in line behind IRS and others who already have liens or judgments. Under the right circumstances you can still satisfy your judgment though. Ask me about this if you like.

It is possible that we can find assets and employment that the IRS and other creditors are not aware of but you will need to pounce quickly if you hope to satisfy your judgment before someone else beats you to the asset.

We can also conduct surveillance on an individual or business to determine many things that are of interest to you. The possibilities are seemingly endless and the information we obtain through our surveillance services is valuable.

To learn about the value of a criminal background check or our complete background check just click on the blue, linked phrase to visit a page on the subject. You are always welcome to contact us anytime for a free and private consultation.

Thank you.

To read more about the value of conducting an asset search, read the second part of the article; Benefits of an Asset Search - Part 2.

We encourage anyone seeking the assistance of a private investigator, to check the investigator out before hiring them. See whether they have reviews on-line, real reviews, that are not part of their own website.

Visit the state of California's website for the Department of Consumer Affairs; The Bureau of Security and Investigative Services, or BSIS, at

Mike Garroutte is a licensed private investigator in Orange County, California. He has been a private investigator since 1982 and is the owner of Linked Investigations in Costa Mesa, California. His license number is P.I. 15568.

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December 1, 2012
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