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Have you used a private investigator before? Chances are that if you are in business or have had to deal with unfortunate circumstances from time to time, you probably have enlisted the services of a private investigator. If you had not, maybe should have.

Of course hiring a private investigator doesn't have to mean you need assistance with an issue in business or due to a problem with someone. We are retained regularly to find someone or contact people for completely positive reasons. Private investigators are engaged to perform a myriad of tasks for all reasons.

People fall out of contact and find it impossible to locate a person.

  • The best private investigators can usually accomplish this task with little time and money.
  • Depending on the circumstances surrounding any issue, we will be happy to provide our insight and quote you a fee on the phone if you like.
  • This is held in confidence and you need not be concerned they will find out, without your approval.

Many professionals now see the value and realize the potential for important information, obtained legally, that doesn't cost too much and doesn't take too long.

The best private investigators regularly provide excellent results to their clientele in several areas of interest.

We are licensed as a private investigator in California and conduct discreet services for our clients. Much of our business has been and remains to be from client referrals. We meet with clients at our office or at theirs and provide a free consultation which gives the client answers and direction. We provide our fees for the various services offered and explain how we will accomplish the tasks put before us.

In the western United States, private investigators have become as common as fleas. They come from varied backgrounds with varied applicable skills. Many people make great private investigators while many others have no business being in the business.

If you are in need of private investigative services in California you should consider hiring the most qualified company, in the most convenient area for you. You should find someone who is a good fit for your requirements. Not all private investigator are adept at all of the services they offer. We all have our strong skills; some of us are street-smart and know when not to over-react and what the proper demeanor is in a fluid situation. Still, many private investigators lack the know-how or the stomach to handle potentially difficult situations. How can you determine who will work for you?

  • Ask several questions before you hire them.
  • Check on-line for any reviews they may have.
  • Check them out with the state of California.
  • Call us and give us the opportunity.

Orange County Private Investigator

A native Californian and private investigator since 1982, Mike Garroutte and staff know the best ways to interact with the multi-cultural population in California. His company, Linked Investigations has been serving clients for over three decades in numerous areas of private investigations with proven results. We have multi-lingual private investigators with many years of field experience. We are based in Orange County, California.

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October 1, 2012
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